2016 – Race for the White House

If I had to make a list (and obviously I am going to) of who I consider Presidential contenders, here is what it is:

  1. Scott Walker
  2. Rick Perry
  3. Mitt Romney
  4. Ted Cruz
  5. Rand Paul
  6. Marco Rubio
  7. Chris Christie
  8. Ben Carson
  9. Sarah Palin
  10. Jeb Bush

Few things to note:

This list includes individuals who I believe will be involved in the primary race.

The order is my preference to win.  This is just the first, off the cuff list.  Don’t take offense if your candidate is not where you think it should be.

This list is subject to change and I will update accordingly.

Finally, I will make comments about each, if they appear in the days news, and about how I feel they contributed to their chances of winning and where I would stand.  This list will update weekly on Sunday’s.  Daily updates will occur as needed for specific candidates.