Jealousy is so unbecoming. (updated)

liam20yawningSchmalfeldt is on the Twitterz again running off about the gathering that took place after the Show Cause hearing that he willfully chose not to attend.

In order to bring himself some small pleasure, unrelated to his never used penis, he is now trying to push the narrative that the gathering was all for naught because he believes the intended outcome was for the visitors to see him locked up in irons and carted off to jail.

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BREAKING NEWS: Judge responds to Disabled Man – “Oh yeah? See you in court, buddy.”

3gaz3ryWestminster, MD (SCN) – Today, at a show cause hearing, Judge Hecker expressed frustration from the bench with the actions of Bill Schmalfeldt, a defiant disabled man, and his failure to appear saying, “.. it raises concerns that directly impact the integrity and dignity of the Court.” Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Defiant Disabled Man Refuses Judge’s Order to Appear


Bill Schmalfeldt, Defiant Disabled Man

Myrtle Beach, SC (SCN) – Today, in a stunning and graphically unfunny podcast the world mostly ignored (not to mention all the dead air), Bill Schmalfeldt declared in a pathetic manifesto that he was going to ignore the Show Cause Order to appear in front of a Judge in a Maryland Court.

The hearing is scheduled at 8:45 am on Wednesday, June 28, in Westminster, Maryland. Continue reading