When you laugh at the comedian and not the jokes..

Michael Ian Black is in Twitter Court spouting off about the illegitimacy of Donald Trump and believes we need to do something about it.

*sigh* Continue reading

Tech and the Fourth Amendment – Gov’t should be limited.

technologyThe Department of Justice was in the process of using the courts to force Apple to assist in deactivating the security features on the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter in the San Bernardino massacre back in December 2015, when it had discovered a way to access the data without Apple’s help.   What the DOJ wanted was to force Apple to make software to deactivate the “self destruct” mechanism that erases the phone once the number of unsuccessful attempts to enter the security code has been reached. Continue reading

Texas Judge May Sanction Obama Administration on Immigration Injunction

illegalsDuring a hearing today ordered by U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Texas, Department of Justice Lawyers spent time explaining the circumstances of the 100,000 illegals that were granted work permits under the expanded DACA program that he had placed an injunction.

It was in the original hearing for the injunction that DOJ attorneys assured the court that no illegals had been granted status in either the newly defined DAPA program, the program to allow parents here illegally because children were born here, or expansion of the DACA program that allowed the parents to stay here on a deferred basis. Continue reading