View from the Mountains – 13 Feb 2015

NewsIconDaily recap of news and commentary

Scott Walker in London; does discuss foreign affairs nor evolution

Media traps are being set everywhere.  Let me see if I understand this:  The question about evolution affects what US foreign policy?  And while you’re at it, he gave a very diplomatic answer about foreign policy of the US, giving deference to the President out of respect.  The Press, however, wants blood and drama. He gave them none, so they disparaged him instead. Interestingly, he was there as a representative of Wisconsin, the state for which he is the Governor and it was a trade mission along with speaking to guests at Chatham.

CBS Correspondent Bob Simon passes after a car accident

Prayers and condolences to the family of Bob Simon.  He was one of the great field and investigative journalists.

NASA says the current drought may be tame in comparison to what the future may hold

NASA has made quite a few predictions. Geologically speaking, the Southwest in general has experienced a rather wet couple of centuries over the last ten thousand years.  In fact, one drought had lasted almost a millennia. Since most climate conditions go in cycles any as part of natural variation, their prediction may be true, but when is the key.

Killer of Muslim college students was an angry guy

In reading about this guys background, who is clearly a liberal, is yet another in a long line of angry individuals who kill people as a result of their mood.  And yet, we keep hearing about how dangerous guns are with Conservatives.

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