Military Service is not a right


I was sitting at the large table in Starbucks Thursday afternoon doing some research for a project I’m working on. At one end, a small group of young adults were having a rather lengthy discussion about Trump’s recent tweets regarding transgender individuals serving in the US military.

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Default Judgment


Let’s say you know someone who is a defendant in a civil lawsuit representing himself.

Let’s also say this individual has done a few things that, you know, has made his situation VERY difficult during the preliminary stages of the lawsuit.

The primary reason this certain someone has caused himself to be put in a box is due to him ignoring the guidance of the court in reading and understanding the rules of civil procedure. Continue reading

Oh really?

monkeythinksBill Schmalfeldt claims to be a purveyor of satire, parody and comedy.  And yet, when he writes comedy, it seems to be funny in a way he never intended.

For example, he’s been spouting off for quite awhile about how his complaint was a winner and that everyone should be afraid.

Then he amended it.  Twice.  Each time, he had to make some changes to bring them into proper form.  If it was so good the first time, why amend it at all? Continue reading