Back home.

Arrived back home on Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend only to discover there were some new pressing matters to work through. Fortunately, I took time off through today to finally get things settled down.

Rule 5 and Fun Fact of the Day will return tomorrow to start off June. Looks like I will be moving soon as the Rule 5 wife and I are out looking at properties to see where we can build. Not the best time to do it, but looking anyway. I just completed remodeling the office when my wife acquired the “itch” about a new house. The reasons are practical, such as helping to support her parents as well as the grandchildren being able to visit during the summer with some added space. Still, timing is everything.

Despite this, the goal this year is to expand the blog, so I’m looking forward to adding more content and working on the new look. Current track record suggests life will continue to bring new challenges. Didn’t have to be this way. Thanks, Biden!

Thanks for visiting as always! You are all much appreciated.

Out of Office

Apologies everyone, I am currently out on the road attending to some planned events. I realized only yesterday that I had not staged the Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts for this week. They will resume starting next week once I get back home this weekend.

In case anyone is wondering, yes I am driving to all destinations. The trip included a wedding, some meetings for an upcoming convention, and a get together with some friends along the way. A few months ago, I looked into flying and using rental cars for travel to the various events. Coordinating flight times, hotels, rental cars, and ensuring I was able to be on time proved pretty expensive.

I bought a new truck back in August (2021 Chevy Silverado) and decided I would drive across the country. The one place I needed to attend in Nebraska was able to accommodate my driving schedule much better and that allowed everything to fall into place.

When I planned the drive, gas was around $3.10 for premium, which is what I use for the truck. So far, the average price for each fill-up is around $4.75. While it’s still cheaper, it’s a pretty big rip-off. At least, no one has to endure mean tweets. Thank God for that! Always count your blessings.

The drive back home starts tomorrow and I should be in the driveway on Friday. Gas prices have gone up about 5 more cents, most likely due to Memorial Day. Or Biden. Take your pick. The real question is whether it will stay there or continue to rise. For some people, it may require a second $15 an hour job.

Speaking of second jobs, or in this case, the Parkinson’s Con Job, old Bill Schmalfeldt is working the airwaves at KGGF-AM radio in Coffeyville, Kansas.

His bio appears here. He mentions his wife and their two cats. How adorable! Any bets on when they ask him to clean the toilets and his PD reappears? I would say sometime in late 2022. Signup sheets are in the breakroom.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!