Yesterday, I made a post about Schmalfeldt lying related to navigating the website of the VA. He claimed that not only did someone file a false report about fraud, or someone filed a report about and he’d be told later.. no wait, he was trying to get into the VA website and his account was suspended and he needed bank information but his access to the bank was suspended and he couldn’t get his money, and that’s how he found out about the fraud.. no wait……

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I removed a Dumbass Tweet O’ Day post referencing this tweet:

A while later, I happened to go to Twitchy and saw this:

Editor’s note: Here at Twitchy, we believe it’s important to own up to mistakes. We expect it of others and hold ourselves to the same standard. On that note, we would like to own up to misinterpreting Chait’s “white supremacist” tweet. It’s now clear that he was being sarcastic and mocking the Left’s penchant for crying “white supremacist” at every turn. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Chait.

I didn’t drill down into it either, as I was multi-tasking.  It appears he was mocking the article referenced in the earlier tweet from the article. Now that I’ve read both, I guess he was mocking the writer, and deservedly so, for commenting on an article he had originally written.

The article he was referencing is here.