Blog Policy


I am a huge supporter of Free Speech.  I believe that we all benefit from the vast opinions and ideas from the masses.  However, I take no responsibility for posts and comments that might offend you, your children, spouse, parents, friends, colleagues, and other persons associated with you.  In fact, if I offend you, then I’m hoping maybe you can attempt to one up me.  Of course, if it’s a lame attempt:  BANHAMMER! .. and possibly a top level post making fun of you for that recessive gene still left behind by the primates from whence you came.

Subject Matter:

There is a tendency for people to hijack threads with unrelated topics that limit what others may be interested in.  From time to time, I may decide to remove comments that stray from the topic.  It is important that people keep to the topics at hand to maintain a rich and informative response.  There will be open threads of discussion that will allow for general discussions that you may want to bring about.


All published material is copyright (c) by me.  If you wish to use postings from this site, I ask you to make sure to include the full URL to the post and use as much of the text, unmolested, as you wish.  Make sure to give me appropriate credit.  You don’t have to ask permission, but be respectful of others work.   I would certainly ask if I can use blog postings from your site as a courtesy.