The looks you get some days..


A very vocal and liberal friend of mine, who happens to be a staunch Bernie supporter and worked for the local Democrat party as a volunteer, wanted to drag me into a conversation about the Confederate statues.

She prefaced it by saying, “You’re a Republican and a conservative, which is almost alt-right. Do you think we should keep those racists monuments to slavery?” Continue reading

Donald Trump, Jr: You’ve got to be kidding me…


The leftists all have a renewed sense of outrage when it was discovered that Donald Trump, Jr, met with a lawyer who had ties to the Russian government under the guise that she had information that could help the Trump campaign.

Of course, her ties were unbeknownst to Trump, Jr and Rob Goldstone, the man who facilitated the meeting.  And equally so, she was someone looking to gain an audience to push another agenda.

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