Leftist Techies and the “It’s just an email server. Big deal!”

hillary-emailI was reading the twitterz today and was surprised by some of the people in my feed, who “claim” to have some experience in IT, try to explain away that Hillary having an email server was not a big deal.  In fact, one person was a little taken aback that a reporter thought having an email server in her own home was a big deal.

Incredibly, he called the entire thing bogus because the reporter was technically ignorant.  His followers were quick to give him quite the backslap.
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Hillary’s Email Conundrum: When the Press can’t save you.

hillary_ClintonHillary Clinton’s email problems from the NY Times article caused several media supporters to come rushing to her aid by attempting to paint Republicans as also using private email addresses in an effort to temper, and perhaps kill the obvious issue.

Their efforts to demonstrate hypocrisy on the right was ground to a halt when Fox News showed video of a July 2007 speech in which she called out the Bush administration for using private email accounts as part of a larger “cronyism and corruption” scheme to obscure the public on its war efforts.

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