Donald J Trump, Jr – Parallels


Yesterday, I made mention of the brouhaha being made by the left regarding the meeting that took place in June of 2016 between Trump, Jr and a Russian government lawyer.

Trump Jr, then did something extraordinary:  He released the entire email chain that set up the meeting, unredacted.

Rob Goldstone’s email represented the meeting this way:

“… the Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia….”

Once the meeting took place, it became evident the meeting was not what was being represented and lasted less than half an hour.

For the left, the issue is that Trump, Jr, was readily accepting Russian help in the defeat of Hillary Clinton and this is the smoking gun that, in fact, the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians.  In other words, the Trump campaign was actively subverting our Democracy!

Once you get past the noise, this becomes an even bigger nothing burger than before.  The Press, however, misses the bigger point in relation to how it handled stories from the other campaign.

When confronted about the email and the potential issues being raised, Trump, Jr decided to be completely transparent and released the emails unredacted and in full view of the world.

The left immediately responded with fiery vitriol and baseless charges of treason, all to make the biggest noise ever.  Even some on the right was taken aback by the revelations within the email.  And Don Jr stood in front and took it like a man.

But here’s the thing:  An investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was met with constant evasion and deflection in response to repeated questioning at all levels.  The missing emails have never been released.

While Clinton has stated on the record that no classified information was passed, it was later discovered that was a lie.   It took months before any of that information came to light, and when all was said and done, her only punishment was to lose the election despite laws explicitly stating that her actions deserved a far more detrimental adjudication.

When John Podesta’s emails were hacked, CNN had said that people should ignore them because they were illegally obtained.  And yet those emails showed damning evidence of collusion between the press and the Clinton campaign.  Donna Brazile later was fired from CNN after a few weeks despite the emails showing her giving debate questions to the Clinton campaign.  The Press largely ignored all that evidence.

Trump, Jr on the other hand, said, “Here you go!”  The emails essentially support his statements about the lead up to the meeting and while it might have been billed as a sharing of damaging information, that didn’t happen.  Hard to fix an election if you don’t get the information from the Russians.

Ironically, the left has been making this entire ordeal the larger and less detailed narrative of collusion even though:

  • No evidence has yet been revealed that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of the election, including modifying votes.
  • No evidence has been revealed about any communications that show the Trump campaign were being influenced by Putin’s regime.
  • No evidence that any contacts resulted in any local election having been watched and told how to vote by a Russian KGB mobster named Boris.
  • And finally, there is no evidence that any classified information was received on any Trump email server during the campaign.  And none were hacked.

I suppose this is payback for the fact that Hillary lost the election.  This is precisely why the Democrats have not picked off any Republican held seats in special elections, and the chances of them retaking any chamber in 2018 or even 2020 is no longer a sure thing.

I suppose the next few days will see this news cycle consumed on picking apart Trump, Jr’s email word by word to figure out how to make it much more dastardly than it is.  Even Robert Mueller’s office states those emails will be looked at.   And Congress wants Trump, Jr to testify.

Meanwhile, the Republican agenda that had been touted as being able to undo the damage done by the Democrats from the previous administration continues to languish in the pools of legislative abyss.


5 thoughts on “Donald J Trump, Jr – Parallels

  1. Sadly, the press, the dems and the rinos will not allow the changes that are needed. It also doesn’t help that not enough people in wash want the changes that elected Trump.

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  2. Funny how clintons people all took the 5th
    Trumps people disclosed, people were fired, and Asked to testify

    To date, all trumps people have been blocked by democrats from testifying

    And then Warner and Schift claim what are they hiding while blocking them from testifying

    I think the dems are in for a tidal wave of seat losses if this keeps up

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    • Obama’s people also took the 5th. Hell, Lois Lerner gave her opening statement, waiving that right, then tried to re-assert it.

      Regrettably, the sea change won’t be that great. Too many freshmen will be booted for failing to make changes against the leviathan; and the Dems will demagogue Trump into oblivion at the mid-terms.


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