View from the Mountains -19 Feb 2015

A few crazy things here..

Boston residents going stir crazy

The fact that the mayor says don’t do stunts in to the snow banks in front of your house that involve throwing yourself out the top story window, says quite a bit about some of the craziest people in the country.  It’s not just an accent.

Quick exit out of Yemen leaves classified security

There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the abrupt exit from the US Embassy in Yemen.  And now it seems, sensitive information may have been left behind for the terrorists.  Sometimes, I think the Administration cares less about offending the terrorists than actually trying to combat them.  See “Yemen Success Stories.”

Jeb Bush has his foreign policy advisors reviewed

Washington Post is taking the time to show a Venn diagram on who Jeb Bush is working with to craft a foreign policy.  They claim his desire to be “his own man” reflects poorly because 19 of the 21 advisors have had previous foreign policy experience with the last three Republican Administrations.  Let me see if I understand this:  There were some documented successful foreign policy elements in all three of those administrations, as opposed to the past three Democrat administrations, Obama included.  I am guessing that he chose more successful advisors that don’t exist in Democrat circles is.. a bad idea. (rolleyes)

And make no mistake, I’m no Jeb Bush fan, but at least he’s putting things together that make sense.  And yet, the attack dogs are out.

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