So Donald Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly..

Dear Mr. Trump,

The last time you faced Megyn Kelly, you were a little perturbed at her questioning of you under the category of electability.  In responding to her question about your choice of words when you feud with others, especially women, you took umbrage and directed a few shots back.

While you have gained some sympathy for being targeted unfairly, you seem to have not only decided you don’t want to face her again, but you want to leverage your good polling numbers as a mob call to not have to endure her determined questioning.

Here’s your problem:  Poll numbers are not solid for any candidate at any time.  One wrong move, and you’re going to see people leave in droves.  In fact, this may actually be the one time you discover, most likely the hard way, that being a narcissist and a prima donna may see the beginning of your decline.

No one questions your business savvy.  We all know your ability to entertain.  But you’re not invincible nor invulnerable.  It’s pretty clear who put the crack in your armour.  The question is, will you take the time to repair it, make good with the voters and those on the fence, and demonstrate diplomacy in seeking a resolution – or will you try to ignore it and hope it doesn’t turn into a mortal wound that will leave a trail of blood seeing your political corpse danced upon from historians years down the road?

I don’t have any problem with you being the President.  However, you will find that people in this country will only tolerate your belligerent and disrespectful behavior towards a person of Megyn Kelly’s character for so long.  If the momentum shifts in her favor, you will have lost a potential ally in your bid to become President.  She can’t make anyone become the Chief Executive, but you might end up with a mortally wounded campaign.

Be the big man you espouse to be to your followers.  Do the debate.  Stop this silliness.

Sonoran Conservative.

The Year is 2016..

happynewyearAnd it looks to be a year of incredible fireworks.   My friends, it has been a while,  because I have been busy researching, spending time with family, and, of course, holding down a normal job.

Health issues with my family and my children needing some adult guidance on their personal issues have made it very challenging.  Having steadfast beliefs and learning from great people over the years around me has helped me to deal with these challenges successfully.  It would appear the latest round is now behind me.

Work has been busy and I seem to have gotten back into my groove again, thirsting for more challenges and looking to finally reap the rewards.   It always helps when those who are younger in your field admire you and realize just how much more “cool” you are for knowing so much.  At least, I have them fooled.

I will be writing a bunch more and trying to improve my skills.  Rule 5 girls will return again – even my wife is helping, although she rolled her eyes when I first started this blog.  She is blessing herself, one for which I am forever grateful to God.

The war against liberals still rages. I have returned from my leave.  Now it’s time to push this campaign forward.