Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

As a kid growing up, I watched Star Trek in syndication for many years.  If it was ever on TV as I was channel surfing, I’d stop to watch.  Still do so to this day.

While I am a fan of the series, I have been more of a fan of the character of Spock.  He was the rational, logical one with an interesting twist of internal strife to subdue his humanity.  Ironically, he was the most human character of them all.  He epitomized the struggle of humanity itself trying to reach perfection.

Of course, Leonard Nimoy, was an accomplished man beyond the role of Mr. Spock.  He directed the popular movie Three Men and Baby, before going back to Star Trek movies, directing two and producing another.  He was also an advocate for the arts, doing photography, writing poetry and music.

Rest in peace, Leonard.  And thank you for creating the iconic character that will live forever in the hearts and minds of us all.

Programming Note: Real Life intervenes

This is not actually me, but it is eerily similar to my challenges.

This isn’t exactly me, but it’s eerily similar to the types of challenges I’m facing at the moment..

I have a number of posts I’m staging for the next few days, but real life has taken priority.  Nothing serious, just a lot of bureaucracy with medical insurance, family life, work related demands, etc.

So bear with me.  And thanks for all my followers and viewers.  I appreciate your patronage!

Obama orders Immigration Officials to Violate the Law

border_patrolPresident Obama’s amnesty program was placed on hold by a Federal judge a little over a week ago.  On Monday, the
President filed for stay with the same judge to allow the program to continue while the Judge continues with the case.
Now, the President has decided to tell ICE workers, who are required to follow US law, that if they do not follow the new amnesty policy, there will be repercussions. Continue reading

Folks, Your Government in Action

Oh For FFS...Transparency

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (D) is now refusing to testify before Congress, ignoring their oversight responsibilities to question his new FCC regulations, for which he has kept absolutely secret.  You do realize the Administration has claimed they are the most “Transparent Administration in History” right?

Sticking with the Narrative

Climate Scientist and Professor Roger Pielke, Jr along with seven other scientists, are being targeted in a witch hunt because they have testified before Congress that casts doubt on the effects of carbon emissions.  Professor Pielke was noted for the claim that it is “incorrect to associate the increasing costs of disasters with the emission of greenhouse gases.” They are being investigated by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) for “unreported conflicts of interests from funding received from oil and other corporate interests.”

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The Witch Trials of Climate Change Religion


Dr. Willie Soon, an Aerospace engineer and prominent Climate expert, has been attacked by the left because of the possibility some of his research may have been funded by “fossil fuel” and corporate interests.

What sparked this latest attack was due to the fact that Dr. Soon and three other scientists had a paper recently published that showed computer models used in predicting climate were running hot.  This paper demonstrates, once again, evidence contrary to the dogma of the Climate Change Religion.

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Michelle Malkin: DHS won’t release hyped report on CNN

dont-tread-on-meMichelle Malkin tweets:

CNN reported about the publication regarding domestic terrorism. Other news outlets also picked up the story, but CNN spent considerable time discussing during a few broadcasts.   Continue reading