So why did Trump win?


If you didn’t vote for Hillary, you probably know why.  The Media and Democrats, however, think you were too easily influenced by nefarious forces, and it’s the Trump Campaign’s fault.

Let’s review how Trump won:

The Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

The Russians created troll farms to influence people on social media using thousands of memes to change their votes.

White women were unduly influenced by their husbands to vote for Trump.

Too many people didn’t want to see minority groups be successful.

James Comey sank her campaign.  We hate him for it, but he shouldn’t have been fired.

The latest line is that Cambridge Analytica, the company hired by the Trump campaign as part of its Big Data effort, used sophisticated “dark posts” targeting millions of Facebook users in an effort to suppress the vote of Hillary and Obama supporters.


The theory is this:

CA created an personality test app that had around 200,000 signups.  When those users took the test and allowed the results to appear on their timeline, any friends who “liked” or commented on the post, the app was able to grab the friends profile data, all allowable within the Facebook terms of use.

CA collected information on 30-50 million users, crunching the data and allowed them to target potential voters with ads, aka “dark posts” that might influence an unsuspecting Facebook user who didn’t want to vote for Trump to not vote for Hillary or stay home.

According to the NY Times, there were about four million Obama voters who stayed home, and some that could have come out to vote for Hillary.

So not only did the Russian memes and robots get out the votes for Trump from their sophisticated troll farms, Trump’s campaign figured out a way to actually get people who didn’t like Trump to not vote for Clinton using a personality test.

This is why Mark of Facebook is upset, because even though CA’s user collection did not technically violate the terms of use, profile information was used to target Facebook users with the intention of influencing struggling and vulnerable Facebook users who were on the fence about Hillary.

As if the internet all flowed through Facebook.

Facebook, though is saying CA gave the information away to a third party, in violation of their terms of service.  You can have this data so long as you keep it in house.  Liberals have taken this a step further by saying this was actually an affront to our democracy!


And yet, with all this outrage of what “might” be a sinister plot to destroy the Republic, no one can seem to provide an answer to the following question:

“How many voters were influenced by these efforts?”

It seems like they are coming up with as many reasons as possible why their candidate didn’t win, but strangely, don’t want to go ask the voters. And when they do, the answer never seems to fit the narrative.


Maybe just enough people really didn’t like her and it had nothing to do with Russians posting memes, and maybe, just maybe, SHE was responsible for suppressing her own vote.

Let it go.


3 thoughts on “So why did Trump win?

  1. “If the narrative doesn’t fit, you must quit.” Or something like that. They can’t come up with a narrative that makes any sense to ordinary Americans, and it seems a lot of Democrats are starting to question just how sane the whole thing is. “If you like your nation, you can keep your nation.” And if you don’t like the rules, you can change the rules. Rule by mob is however insane. — BJ54

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