Establishment Republicans have learned the hard way..

Oh For FFS..... that teaming up with President Obama is not a good thing for your party.  Apparently, if the Republican’s agree with Obama, the Dems will also jump ship.  Either way, Obama can’t get anything done now.

Today, the President lost his attempt to get the first part of his Trade Authorization to allow for fast track of negotiated agreements.   When the electorate is asked to support something that comes with reports of “secret” legislation and “I can’t answer whether I have seen this or not” responses to reporters questions, you can imagine why there would be some distrust.

If there is anything that is to be learned, once again, it is that the President assumes too much.  Waiting for the last minute to sell something that, by all intents and purposes, should have been an easy effort, even for your own party which is supposed to be in lock step, its that clear understanding is important.  Too bad, the narrative got lost in all the “double secret” crap.

McConnell and Boehner have managed to piss off enough people that, they themselves, may also be headed for their own, and hopefully, final crisis.  They brought this on themselves.  They only opposed Obama with no backbone which brought scorn from the Conservatives when it came to immigration and budget at the beginning of the year.  Then, thinking that “Free trade” agreements, a staple of Conservative principles, was accepted by Obama, Conservatives were quick to wonder why this alignment was taking place.

So when everyone asked for the legislators to “show your work”, they rebuffed, essentially saying, “We need to pass this so you can see what was in it.”  Rep. Paul Ryan, who had a good deal of respect for using that line against Nancy Pelosi, quickly adopted it here, only to see his own credibility take a major hit.  If Obamacare itself has a majority DISAPPROVAL where Pelosi used that same tag line, what makes you think that will work for a procedures change in Congress where no one can read what the changes were about?

The natives are growing restless, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Majority Leader and you remaining establishment cronies.   Perhaps you should start listening to what the constituents are saying.