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Rule 5 Posts

This feature is not meant to sexually objectify women. Objectifying women is considered a sin by modern social norms.  Rather, it is used to celebrate the diversity of beauty of the female gender.

Selections are made the week prior, and depending on what I come across I may plan further out. There is a rigorous review process to ensure that readers get high quality and moving images.  It’s a tough job requiring extraordinary dedication, but as readers, you are worth it.

While almost all of the pictures chosen are from the internet provided by the hard working ranks of professional and aspiring models, we do not consider politics to be a factor in the decision to use a specific woman.

Usually, they are chosen based on an upcoming themes and what fits our narrative for the week.  Mostly, the narrative is “Pretty Girls Week.”

Photo submissions and links from readers are encouraged. Please email any submissions to admin at sonoranconservative dot com.  If one is used, I’ll be sure to mention your handle.

Oh, and, if these lovely ladies in various clothing arrangements and poses happen to offend a few hardcore feminists, then my work is done.

Fun Fact of the Day

Fun facts are meant to share things of interest that readers may not know about the world.  During status meetings at work, we start with someone sharing a fun fact that usually sets the tone of the meeting. Because they require some research, I chose to add that same work to the site. I hope you enjoy!

Fun facts are derived from multiple sources.  While we don’t have an extensive research department, we do rely on the resources of the Google Search.  If you know of resources that have a good trove of interesting facts with sources, don’t hesitate to share them.