Donald Trump, Jr: You’ve got to be kidding me…


The leftists all have a renewed sense of outrage when it was discovered that Donald Trump, Jr, met with a lawyer who had ties to the Russian government under the guise that she had information that could help the Trump campaign.

Of course, her ties were unbeknownst to Trump, Jr and Rob Goldstone, the man who facilitated the meeting.  And equally so, she was someone looking to gain an audience to push another agenda.

The NY Times published an article that was extremely long on bias and not enough facts and a lot of implications that DJT, Jr and other members who sat in on the meeting had little information on this woman:

“He said, ‘I’m told she has information about illegal campaign contributions to the D.N.C.,’” Mr. Goldstone recalled, referring to the Democratic National Committee. He said he then emailed Donald Trump Jr., outlining what the lawyer purported to have.

But Mr. Goldstone, who wrote the email over a year ago, denied any knowledge of involvement by the Russian government in the matter, saying that never dawned on him. “Never, never ever,” he said. Later, after the email was described to The Times, efforts to reach him for further comment were unsuccessful.

In the interview, he said it was his understanding that Ms. Veselnitskaya was simply a “private citizen” for whom Mr. Agalarov wanted to do a favor. He also said he did not know whether Mr. Agalarov’s father, Aras Agalarov, a Moscow real estate tycoon known to be close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, was involved. The elder Mr. Agalarov and the younger Mr. Trump worked together to bring a Trump Tower to Moscow, but the project never got off the ground.

Business dealings aside, the left has parroted this as possibly an illegal act, as told by a reporter for Politico.  However, the only sources for that article to back up the claim by legal experts were Robert Bauer, a former White House counsel under President Barack Obama and the Democrat’s 2008 campaign attorney, and Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins, both of which provide little support to Politico’s allegation:

But perhaps far more important, his statements put him potentially in legal cross hairs for violating federal criminal statutes prohibiting solicitation or acceptance of anything of value from a foreign national, as well as a conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Robert Painter, a former GW Bush ethics lawyer who no one really listens to anymore, ratcheted up the rhetoric for attention stating it was treasonous:

“This is treason,” Richard Painter, a former George W. Bush White House ethics lawyer, wrote Sunday night on Twitter. “He must have known that the only way Russia would get such information was by spying.”

Painter added in another message: “In the Bush administration we could have had him in custody for questioning by now.”

It’s not that the meeting itself yielded anything of substance.  It was quite clear that there was deception,  but to many on the left, it shows intent by the campaign that it wanted to work with the Russians, when in fact, there was never any intention at all.  The Russian lawyer had her own agenda, one that was quickly discovered and everyone moved on.

If the press wants to keep pushing the story, the only people left hearing it will be those who care less about more important issues.  The general population sees it for what it is:  The media’s collusion with the Democrats to actively bring down a legally elected individual to the Office of the President.

I’m not a Trump fan by any stretch, but the media’s continuous attempt to keep alive a story with no meat, innuendo, and empty rhetoric will work to produce the exact opposite results.


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