2016 – Race for the White House – Feb 6, 2015

My List as of today, and some commentary on each.

1. Scott Walker

Couple things of note in the new regarding Scott Walker.

Scott Walker grabs lead in N.H. in new poll

Can Scott Walker be president without a college degree?

He is still my favorite by far because of his accomplishments and policy positions.  Some in the press are already knocking on his education.  Funny stuff.  I’ve seen lots of people in prominent positions that have LOTS of education and screw it up royally.  Walker seems to be doing quite well.

2. Rick Perry

Still has some legal issues, but he would be my next choice.  I think he’s a little more to the right of Walker, but certainly has what we need.  He will have time to polish his message.

3. Ted Cruz

Farthest right of the first two, I would consider him almost second except he has no Governor or executive experience like the first two.  His policies, however, align well and so I have him a very close third.

4. Marco Rubio

He has come up a bit since he has been doing well with the circuit.  More towards the center than the three above him, he still stands more right than Jeb Bush, and perhaps Rand Paul.  Immigration may be his most disappointing position, but I think he’s coming around.

5. Chris Christie

Moving to the center, if we needed strong leadership, this is where I would go.  If anything, he is steadfast and concise, and leaves little for interpretation.  Plus he can make liberals mad.

6. Sarah Palin

I’m moving her up because the media is stupid.  In her speech in Iowa, where it seemed to be a head scratcher to many, most didn’t pick up a number of historical quotes and references  Only later, when people started to research what she had said, did it become clear that the haters ended up with egg on their face. This is where Palin’s brilliance really shines.  Just when you think she might be losing it, you realize you have to set aside your bias to get the full effect.  Keep an eye on this because she’s probably keeping good notes.

7.  Rand Paul

Paul has moved down quite a bit because he doesn’t seem to have a coherent message yet.  I’m still trying to pin down exactly what he believes.  Sometimes, I think he tries to distance himself just for the sake of doing so from other candidates, and, mostly perplexing ways.

8. Ben Carson

Very good speaker, but still no real decision yet on whether he runs.  He will face the biggest gauntlet because of race.  You got it:  RACE.  It’s already starting and will only get worse.  The question is always whether a political novice can withstand the heat.

9. Jeb Bush

Too much towards the middle here.  While he has a good number of conservative principles, his steadfast support for Common Core is keeping him low.  I have no issue with the tenets of that program because the entire effort sucks. A number of states, including a few with Democrat governors are already starting to dump the programs.

Dropped out:

Mitt Romney – Sadly, he might have done well, but at least he will have some influence.  He and Jeb don’t exactly get along from what I can see.  Probably will help the eventual front runner.


I will be pre-staging this for the future so I can add in news articles and commentary of interest during the week.  I think its important to note where my opinions may come and want to share what I read.  This will come out Friday afternoon each week.

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