Go for it!

Young liberal men react to Supreme Court reversals of abortion and carbon regulation by .. can’t even say it with a straight face.

From the NY Post:

“If they’re at a point where they don’t plan on having children and have been relying on other methods of contraception, that can certainly drive them toward vasectomy,” Shteynshlyuger said.

Even with New York officials pledging that abortion will still be legal in the Empire State, not everyone understands that, he said.

“To someone who might not understand the legal system at a deep level it sounds like the Supreme Court has banned abortion,” Shteynshlyuger said.

Even in abortion havens such as California and New York, where both states are seeing a pretty strong exodus of residents to begin with, young enlightened liberal men are now going to mutilate themselves to ensure that they aren’t able to have kids. Many young leftists have complained the planet is dying and raising children now will be futile.

Not really seeing a downside here in the long term. Liberals ensuring they are unable to reproduce for the sake of democracy? Best of luck, guys!

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