McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Apologies all over the place.

What they don’t tell you is that all elected officials mentioned in the article are Democrats. We’ve been told by sycophants of these leaders that they are the party of the people. They feed the homeless, educate our children, believe in science, and care for all non CIS-white-gender-conforming-heterosexual people.

Yet, while in the middle of the pandemic, they make draconian rules and explain the measure are required to combat the virus (non of their orders will do anything to stop the China Wuhan virus). Afterwards, they proceed to break them. And when caught, they apologize.

Sadly, their base will forgive them. In fact, their base will suffer whatever tolls are placed upon them in order to tout “moral superiority” over the rest of us who have a lot more common sense..

What’s needed is for them to accept consequences of their actions. Often, I hear these same people utter the word, “accountability” and it’s almost always applied to their opponents or opposition. For some reason, it’s not a principle they apply to themselves. If these were honest folks, they’d resign. Guess they’re not. But not surprised.

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