Democracy means different things to different people.

Poor Greta. She dropped out of school because of her indoctrination of dangerous climate change and travels around the world in a despicable display of accepted leftist child abuse. Now that she’s an adult, we can see the effects of what parenting from extreme leftism is about: Greta neither understands democracy nor science.

On the other hand, back-stabbing establishment folks seem to think that because Biden has now taken over, our “democracy” is stronger despite the fact that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green is being punished for having a First Amendment right to oppose dangerous members of Congress. Democrats feel unsafe, outraged, and offended, and therefore, the majority believes in punishing a member who has done nothing wrong in her job.

At the same time, the Senate is taking on impeachment against a former President for “inspiring the worst insurrection ever.” Liz Cheney and her pro-impeachment Republicans all jumped at the chance to vote for impeachment before all the facts came out. Isn’t the right to have a fair hearing, to have all evidence laid out and to render an unbiased judgment on someone a pillar of democracy? In politics, the Constitution doesn’t matter – only power and more constituents are seeing this in action every day. Even if you hated that Trump had a social media platform, he shined the spotlight on those who value their corruption over their constituents.

These folks side with those who seek to destroy the democracy they hold so dear. They are stupid enough not to see it. It’s what happens when you hold power given to you and not know how to use it for good.

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