2021: Year in Review

Joe and Kamala received 81 million votes?

Once the worst insurrection ever was over, Joe Biden eventually took the oath and became the 46th President and proceeded to blaze a trail of failure that led to supply chain problems, inflation, raging corona virus, energy dependence, legal challenges, and a press secretary who spewed more fake news than her previous employer, CNN. But not by much.

Kamala Harris became quite the liability, although not totally unexpected. Her step-daughter enjoyed more popularity from an un-earned and questionable modeling career than Kamala did getting positive reviews from floating amoebas. While she and Joe continue to claim that emergence from the lockdowns spurred massive job creation was solely from their policies, they had no answer for the obvious inflationary pressures of the $2.5 trillion in infrastructure spending that essentially just printed money.

The biggest failing was the obvious failure to get the virus under control. The Biden plan to put a stop to it never materialized. While he claimed credit for the vaccines and its distribution, whenever there were problems, the administration was always quick to blame Trump. In other words, Biden’s plan was a mirage that worked only when Trump’s failures weren’t sabotaging it. Biden’s free-falling polling shows quite clearly the mid-terms are going to be brutal.

While I have not been as productive posting this year due to work obligations, I did manage a few. Here are the top five posts from this year:

5. Wonder what took so long?

Bill Schmalfeldt was able to secure a marriage license and a date when he a Diana would tie the knot. They married at the radio station where he was the morning program director. Next question? Dental benefits.

4. Dumbass Tweet’s O’Day

After the January 6th protest, the left had come unglued, unhinged, and basically inconsolable. They wanted blood in the form of a second impeachment because half of the US House of Representatives were minutes away from being slaughtered. Note: Only and unarmed Ashley Babbitt was killed by gunfire. Capitol Police and a couple of members of Congress actually used weapons. None of the protestors did. AOC believed she was the target of a large gang rape.. even though she wasn’t in the building at the time.

3. Define Woman

The Vagina museum officially declared that women were not the only sex that had a vagina and could menstruate. The party of “Believe in Science” apparently believes biology is no longer a scientific discipline.

2. PD In Remission

Bill Schmalfeldt ended up getting hired at KCHI in Chillicothe, Missouri. He has spent the past year playing morning program director and staying out of the limelight. His PD for the most part, has stayed in check until recently when he announced his condition was, once again, getting progressively worse. Now that the election year is coming up, not surprised that Bill is looking to get back into his old political satire gig. I’m sure he’s accumulated more than enough poop skits that he’s been keeping inside to finally push out.

1. Dumbass Tweet O’Day

The December tornadoes that destroyed towns in Kentucky was the subject of leftist vitriol towards the Republican senators from the state. As usual, leftists never let a deadly crisis go to waste by placing blame on the GOP. Totally vile, but not unexpected.

Happy New Year to everyone! Looking forward to the 2022 mid-terms.


2 thoughts on “2021: Year in Review

  1. Let the rabid left rage. I can vouch for the tornado’s destruction in Kentucky; It took my home. I wish you all could see all the good that has come of this. Churches, of different denominations working together. It’s been amazing to watch the community come together in love.
    Happy New Year!

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