Pro Se Follies

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Over on the Pro Se Away blog by the hapless Bill Schmalfeldt, he has decided that since his fatally flawed Second Amendment Complaint contains similarities to a complaint filed by John Hoge’s Pro Bono lawyer that his complaint meets the rigorous standards that will guarantee him success.

In other words, defendants should start hiding the wives, children and assets offshore because he’s coming for you!

Note:  This is a really long and technical article with lots of legalese for potential Pro Se Plaintiffs.

Let’s fisk his claims.

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Just because you’re a Pro Se Plaintiff

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Schmalfeldt has a new blog!  He’s added a soon to be deleted web space to document his journey as a Pro-Se Plaintiff in his federal lawsuit to fight back against all his haters, defamers and libelers.

No really, he made a federal case out of it..

If you are new to this saga, Bill wants you to believe that he is a private citizen on the receiving end of unjust and unwanted harassment from a bunch of right wing nut jobs!

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Pro Bono Lawyers and Settlements

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Just thinking out loud here..

Reasons a lawyer will settle a case:

It’s in the best interest of both parties.  Usually, lawyers attempt to settle the case to avoid trial and to not run up the expenses on the client.  Going to trial is an expensive endeavor.  Attorney’s will often seek a fair settlement for both sides.  It’s always preferred when the outcome is not certain.

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