For no particular reason..


One does wonder..

Suppose someone was suing a bunch of folks claiming they were ruining the reputation of the plaintiff on the internet by constantly blogging about the plaintiff’s activities.

Because of the nature of the blog posts, they inspired so much hate traffic from commenters that when the plaintiff applied for a nice dwelling in a retirement area, he was told the application was denied because of what management found on the internet, even though that was a lie.

Months later, plaintiff’s suit is dismissed for the third time in 2 years because the plaintiff, once again, stumbled on the issue of jurisdiction.

Before the plaintiff found out the suit was to be dismissed, the plaintiff actually moved into a pretty nice house, and forgot to tell the court about the new address.

Wonder what would happen if say, the defendants found out about this before the case was actually dismissed?


BTW:  This was tweeted on December 4:

Then this was tweeted today:

Uh, yeah.



6 thoughts on “For no particular reason..

  1. Its not just “a” house, shitbag, and you know it.

    Good thing this is t maryland. There actually a chance you won’t get away with it this time.

    PROTIP: I’m 100% sure every website he googled about being “judgement proof” had a very important caveat. I’m 1000% sure he missed that caveat. And the Feds don’t mess around.

    Hopefully that St. Estiphe gets opened soon! 🙂

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