Nothing proceeded as he had hallucinated.


While technically, the case has yet to be formally dismissed, here is a trip down failure lane.

When the attorney filed motions on behalf of the defendants:

Apparently, you didn’t even come close.



Threats while awaiting justice.

He is still alive and kicking.  You have another failed lawsuit to add to your resume.



Gotta love the threats while waiting for a ruling.



Can he stop feeling foolish now? Did he ever feel foolish?



Standing by.. again.. some more.. still…



How’s that working out for you?



Plans. Big plans.  Grandiose plans

You can probably cancel the meeting room.


Looks like the judge doesn’t want to hear about it. Kooky, huh?


Are you really done now?  Somehow, we’ve heard all this before.



Of course, here is the overall record of failure:


Update: Fixed the scoreboard. Did not include Heather and McCain.  Vexatious achievement unlocked!

15 thoughts on “Nothing proceeded as he had hallucinated.

  1. Can we get a pool on when Penis Fingers officially and for good kicks Bill to the curb? I predict January 1st at 4:00 pm. She will want to get a good that New Years Eve drunk on … and on the sucker’s dime. I also predict she won’t wash her hair before the New Year.

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  2. I shall never forget the night terrors after being named as a defendant in LOL Suit VI. The sweats, the mysterious jabs of pain in the abdomen. Oh wait. That was a kidney stone.

    Still, what a fine crew to be named alongside – luminaries such as Howard, Roy, and Neal no less!

    In the future, everyone will be sued by Bill Schmalfeldt for fifteen minutes.

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      • LOLsuit 6 had a bunch of non-does, I was one.

        For a brief period Bill put in a placeholder in LOLsuit 8 with John Doe, Polly Poe, and such and such. Then he realized if he didn’t have a real name, he couldn’t prove the person lived outside SC. So he is learning, slowly…

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  3. My dear DUMBF5CK. There is no “moral victory.” You lost. Think of it as a baseball game. 4 runs were scored against you. YOU LOSE!

    Nowhere in the write-up of the game they say, “DUMBF5CK can claim a moral victory in the fact that the game ended BEFORE THEY EVEN STARTED.” [BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

    4 counts, dismissed FOR LACK OF PERSONAL JURISDICTION. 4 runs scored against you. Not just a defeat, Team Free Speech stomped a mud hole in you.

    You bragged of an easy victory. You insulted your opponents. YOU LOST. It was a biblical massacre. EAT IT! EAT IT ALL!

    You do not get a “moral victory,” a “participation trophy” or a hug at the end. YOU LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST. It goes in the “L” column.


    No. It’s plenty funny.

    Original tweets:

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  4. It is with great pride that today, with our crushed opponent DUMBF5CK lying in the smoking rubble of his own hubris, that we announce that DUMBF5CK HAS LOST EIGHT CONSECUTIVE FEDERAL LAWSUITS AND 12 NO CONTACT/RESTRAINING ORDERS.

    Our editorial assistant Lady Di looks The Lickspittles and Horde look on approvingly as Mr. HOge points to future glories ahead, although none will likely ever be as sweet as the total and crushing humiliation suffered by DUMBF5CK in his brutal defeat on his home playing field yesterday.

    Original blog post:

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