So he’s hiding now.


It has become apparent that Bill Schmalfeldt has embraced the full power of cowardice. Not that he was never a coward.

Earlier this year, he promised to put me on the stand, including taking my family and my livelihood.  When it came time to back up his words, he “changed his mind.”  Put another way, he lied like all liars and con-artists do.

In the meantime, he continued to threaten decent people he has unsuccessfully sued, as well as the posters on those same persons’ blogs,  with “doom” and “financial ruin” so long as they continued their campaigns to tell the truth about him.  His actions were met by devastating PLM.

His latest LOLsuit is facing dismissal after a scathing recommendation from the Magistrate. She opined rather pointedly that Schmalfeldt’s case lacks jurisdiction, which every member of Team Free Speech said would happen.  The time to file an opposition to the recommendation has passed.

Shortly thereafter, he said he was leaving Twitter and resigning his post as editor of the online website he’s pretty much run into the ground over the last couple of years.  I’m sure this came as a big blow to the Team Kimbergarten communications division, so much so, they are refusing requests for comments.  Apparently, they rehired him as a pseudonym.

Of course, with a record like his, hiding is probably the best course of action. No one in their right mind could ever show their faces after suffering such continuous, humiliating defeat from their own bidding.

And yet, he still attempts to maintain a presence on the internet. He’s created several new Twitter accounts, none of which appear to show he’s paying attention to Team Free Speech.  I know he’s still lurking.  He sucks at this hiding game.

Here’s the thing: He’s created a number of enemies because he chose to engage in a war he was ill-suited (read unintelligent) to take on. His biggest issue is overcoming the Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis – not the actual disease, but the facade that he was dying for years – only to recover, and stupidly, SELF-DOCUMENTED the miracle.

The people he’s harassed during his campaign have chosen to fight back.  He’s managed to avoid consequences as a defendant, but his luck may run out very soon. By attempting to run and hide, he’s admitting he was vexatious in his efforts to extort, silence and, if necessary, destroy the lives of his victims.

One could say that he has abandoned his case, which adds more evidence that he was never serious. Wonder how that plays out under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?

Justice is never a swift process. The legal system is slow and deliberate, but it does come eventually.  While he may think he can run and hide, he should note that he is not invisible.

Stock up on the depends, Billy. The process server or Sheriff deputy may show up at the door with a summons. Make sure you’re wearing a fresh pair.


10 thoughts on “So he’s hiding now.

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  2. Bill’s just a giant pussy that can’t face another lawsuit going down in flames for the exact reasons his “enemies” said it would. Funny how every time he files a lawsuit the members of Team Freespeach can tell him EXACTLY where his mistakes are and why it will be dismissed but for some reason Bill is too ignorant to actually figure it out for himself.

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    • If that is his stance, and there is nothing to say differently, then he admits his vexatious intentions. There are penalties associated with that which will adversely affect his ability to abuse others. Financial penalties will also be nice.


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