Isn’t He Precious?


With Christmas being so close, some people just can’t help being naughty before Santa visits.

Actually, what she said is this:

It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that “Paul Krendler,” the listed name of the poster, is actually Defendant Grady or any of the other Defendants.

In other words, Schmalfeldt was saying Krendler could be Grady, but only because he believes it, not because he provided any evidentiary  support.

She goes on in the footnote:

However, no Defendant specifically denies that he or she is one of the posters. If any Defendant is not one of the posters, this court would not be permitted to even consider the posts in its personal jurisdiction analysis. As the United States Supreme Court has held, “unilateral activity of another party or a third person is not an appropriate consideration when determining whether a defendant has sufficient contacts with a forum State to justify an assertion of jurisdiction.” Helicopteros Nacionales De Colom., 466 U.S. at 417.

While no defendant offered denial in the response, it wasn’t required because Schmalfeldt provided no evidence to prove any defendant is actually Paul Krendler.  If anything, the Magistrate offered a way to make her analysis much easier in favor of defendants.

Schmalfeldt’s false belief that Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler is just fantasy he contrived to push a narrative.  In other words, it’s a lie.

And so close to Christmas..


He didn’t walk away, he tried to make a dramatic exit and claim victory, even though his case was still active. But did he walk away? Of course not!  If he did, he would never tweet!  If someone brought it to his attention, he should have said “I’m done with them.”  And yet..

Another lie. He’s never quit any of us. He’s just trying to play the martyr, and doing a horrible job.

And then the recourse?  What recourse?  He’s lost every recourse over the last four years! Is there something he’s learned already or is it yet, just another lie?



Sorta like when you posted that John Hoge was a pedophile, and stalking young women?  How about spending three days saying that I was a convicted child molester?  Wonder how a jury might view that?


The two other pedophiles from Team Kimbergarten.

Osborne said that the child porn Craig Gillette was convicted of was “not that bad.” Let me see if I understand this: He made a judgment call after viewing it?  Huh.

And Wee Willy is the “gentleman” who admitted he’d Roy Moore a fourteen year old girl.


Looks like it’s time for a new countdown clock.


13 thoughts on “Isn’t He Precious?

  1. My favorite part is the refrain that Grady never denied being Krendler, even though it highlights the fact that a DUMBFUCK was too incompetent to get to the point where he could actually ask.

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  2. He still can’t understand a word the magistrate wrote. No one had to admit or deny being “Krendler” in order to extinguish his frivolous doomed self-destructive lawsuit. He is too incompetent to understand why it was to the defendants advantage to omit any such assertions.

    His stupidity is exceeded only by his dishonesty. And his continual blustering empty threats are impotent. And his sockpuppet pretending to be amused at this great “victory” only confirms that xir is even stupider than Cabin Boy.

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  3. Its amazing just how brave this shitbag is when he thinks he has nothing to lose. Being a pathetic, societal leech gives him the impression he can be a miserable piece of shit because “what are they going to do to me?”

    Well you Parkinson’s FAKING, valor STEALING piece of shit, you’re not as judgement proof as you think, and its only going to take pissing off 1 person with “fuck you money” to destroy the miserable, pathetic life you have.

    That day cannot come soon as enough.

    Die slow and alone, you piece of shit.

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  4. What made Osborne come out of hiding? He was quick to run from Brett’s website when the shit was getting real. He better get the track shoes back on because I think something that was foreseen is coming his way.

    And did Fergie get holiday time off from his exciting career in the Canning Sciences industry?

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