We came all that way for much more than you could possibly imagine.



Oh no, we didn’t come all that way for nothing.

We came because we wanted and we could.

Some came with real health issues, and yet they enjoyed themselves despite their pain.

We all came so we could see others who shared the same love of life.

And when it was over, our hearts and souls were replenished.

We laughed.

We ate and drank.

We shared stories of life.

We shared pictures of family.

We shared many great moments of our lives.

We had a whole lot more in common than we realized.

And unsurprisingly, almost none of it had to do with you.

When it was time to leave, we hugged and cried.

We said goodbye with love in our hearts.

We made plans to see one another again.

We left with so much more than when we arrived .

Now, it would have been far more hilarious to see the Judge hand down an order for you to spend some time in the Metal Bars Suites.

You spent your day with a cat, in a hotel room, with a woman you say is now your caretaker as you have for weeks.

You made yet another unfunny, crude, and poorly produced podcast.

You photoshopped pictures to make fun of others.

And that was the highlight of your day.

Went for nothing?

I think we all know who had the better day.

But don’t worry, Bill. I’m sure we’ll see you next time.

Tick Tock.



8 thoughts on “We came all that way for much more than you could possibly imagine.

  1. I hate I was unable to come! *waaaaah*

    Someone please promise me there will be another event like this one here soon! I’ve met a couple of the Zombie Lickspittles in real life… but, not nearly as many as I’d like!

    And, I’d just like to add… as sorry as I am the illustrious host of this fine blog has found himself in the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s crosshairs, I am so happy MJ has been prompted to start blogging more, and sharing his thoughts and insights with The Horde. Life has been uber busy for me as of late, but I try as often as I can to stop by the “Sonoran Conservative” to catch up on the latest wit and wisdom that is a staple of this extremely entertaining blog.

    Keep fighting the good fight, my friends!

    Liked by 1 person

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