Heading into the Holiday Weekend


Before a holiday,  I can always count on the workload to be a bit heavier.  Trying to turn off my workstation for the long weekend ahead is always a struggle.

Time to start the festivities for the weekend.  Oh, I have a few things lined up for some light reading about certain people.  But first, here is a joke that needs a punchline.. 

Needless to say, it appears some recent happenings has the South Carolina Deadbeat thinking he is in a REAL good position.  The Judge in Maryland decided that he will rule when he sees Bill at trial.  I don’t think he realizes just how bad that is.

fyqnkddQuestion: If you have Parkinson’s, can’t travel, can’t sit, and can’t, well, do anything, how does one stand up in a courtroom (note:  not a court facility) and play trial attorney as a pro-se?

It seems that the District Court in South Carolina has allowed the deadbeat’s suit to go forward with only partial claims.   Twitter Court is all abuzz about “summonses” flying out the door and the apparent giddiness that he is on his way to victory.

Of course, this was not really a complete surprise.  It seems that after passing the abomination of his suit around the room for all the clerks to get a good laugh, the Magistrate most likely had morbid curiosity in seeing where this goes.

After the paperwork starts flowing, I’m sure “regret” will begin to surface, but not before the South Carolina Deadbeat starts screwing things up.

You can count on the following from Schmalfeldt:

  • Whatever he files will be for laughs.  If you don’t believe me, read the complaint.
  • He will attempt to poke each defendant about their responsibilities to adhere to his timeline.  Twitter Court will be at high lulz levels.
  • Once he realizes he screwed up something (I can’t tell my wonderful readers just yet, but the first mistake is already on the books – buy popcorn), Justice Bill Oliver Wendell Jones Schmalfeldt will make sure it’s even funnier in the accompanying feltdown.
  • And lastly, I expect he is going to try to add yours truly to the suit.

Remember what I said to him?  I fully expect he will make good on his attempt to sue me at some point because I am a treasure trove of information.  Uh huh.  Good luck with that.  Always watch for return fire.

Last night, he became obsessed with Hoge’s twitter account.  The Deadbeat’s racial animus is on full display and the gorgeous Dread Pirate Zombie Morgana explains how the hypocrite from Myrtle Beach is sinking his ship.  Don’t be fooled:  The man is a full blown racist and misogynist.  You can see for yourself.  That ain’t a good thing to be down there in South Carolina.  Just sayin’.

And finally, my weekend is going to be filled with pool time, bikini clad women, working the barbecue grill, and lots of fun with some good friends and family.

Some upcoming posts are set to auto, but if you don’t catch the blog during the weekend, please enjoy your friends and family and celebrate the history of how some rich, white men (and some women, blacks, hispanic, etc)  gave up everything to create our great country.  I’m sure the US Marshal’s and US Post Office people are going to enjoy their weekend.  Give ’em a hug.

May you have a safe, restful, and wonderful Holiday Weekend.

MJ – The Sonoran Conservative – USA!  USA!  USA!




21 thoughts on “Heading into the Holiday Weekend

  1. And just like the last four years, Schmaleldt will spend the weekend, drunk and ranting on Twitter to himself because that’s what he thinks America is all about.

    In fairness, he might not be wrong. The odds are pretty good that President Trump will be doing the same thing.

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      • Other than those two things, they’re remarkably similar people. Nearly identical personality disorders. And litigation histories. Remember, Trump sued a reporter for saying that he wasn’t a billionaire and lost, a truly Schmalfeldtian use of the legal system.

        I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately.

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        • Just that they’re assholes and scumbags in almost identical ways.

          Since he started running for president, Trump would do something insane, and after about a week, I realized that they were almost always things that Schmaleldt either has done, or would if he could.

          In fairness, Trump has never misspelled his own name, let alone three times. On the other hand, he might stamp it on everything so he doesn’t forget.


      • Both are overweight blowhards who have idea what they’re talking about and hurt their agendas far more than they help. Both threaten things that they never follow through on, at least not competently. Both have made unnecessary and incendiary things about minorities and women that usually don’t make sense.

        I could literally do this all weekend.

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      • Both believe in almost communist economics that dictate that whether you’re a coal miner, an industrial employee, or just some drunken layabout, the government owes you a living.

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    • Both Trump and Bill Schmalfeldt have Parkinson’s Disease (or both fake it), both live in flea bag motels, both have 9 restraining orders/peace orders in 5 states, both were fired from their last job, both have lost 7 LOLsuits, both were evicted from the last 3 places they lived, both have no friends, both have no family that will speak with them, both of them dox other people and both defend a domestic terrorist pedophile.

      Gee, maybe not. I can do this all day too.

      I’m not a Trump supporter. Please don’t make me one. I think your comparison of anyone to Bill Schmalfeldt is misplaced.

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      • “The #VeroBeachCrybully is another.”

        Indeed! Thomas Mix is a mentally-disturbed, self-loathing, abusive, impotent, effing prick… VERY MUCH in the same vein as the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

        They both deserve whatever no-good, horrible, terrible things that may ever come their way.

        Sick-and-twisted ghouls – the both of them. *spit*

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  2. No Trump fan at all, but he has something Bill will never have…

    …ok, he has about a TRILLION things Bill will never have, but one that stands out–the ability to, despite all of his character flaws, get people to support him. To see more in him than, probably he deserves.

    Of course, Bill thinks he has that in spades. He once warned Hoge about the DOOOOOOOOOM! he would face when he (Bill) got in front of a jury. “You know,” he said with a chuckle, “I can be a pretty charming fellow!”, rubbing his hands together at the though of him letting loose with his scary charisma powers, painting such a picture that poor Hoge would be lucky to escape a tar and feathering, after which the jurors would all invite Bill home for a thanksgiving dinner.

    Now you’re thinking “Wait. How can someone who is so estranged from friends and family that he finds himself living as a pauper in a roach motel with a woman who, to be charitable, has also found herself at a point where living with Bill seems a viable alternative to a life of loneliness with only a hairless cat to speak to, how can such a man delude himself into thinking he has above average powers of persuasion? Narcissists gotta narcisst.

    At least Trump can actually point to himself and bray “If I’m so dumb how did I get to be president?” and it’s a valid question. What can Bill say? “I’m I’m such a stupid self stomping crank stomper how did I end up here, one small step above living under a bridge?” The question self answers.

    (Admittedly, “better than Bill Schmalfeldt” is the faintest of faint praises.)

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  3. “… please enjoy your friends and family and celebrate the history of how some rich, white men (and some women, blacks, hispanic, etc) gave up everything to create our great country.

    May you have a safe, restful, and wonderful Holiday Weekend.”

    MJ –

    May you, your beautiful family, wonderful friends, and all members of The Zombie Horde/Lickspittle Nation have a FUN-filled, safe, and blessed Fourth of July holiday!

    God bless America! 🇺🇸

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