BREAKING NEWS: Defiant Disabled Man Refuses Judge’s Order to Appear


Bill Schmalfeldt, Defiant Disabled Man

Myrtle Beach, SC (SCN) – Today, in a stunning and graphically unfunny podcast the world mostly ignored (not to mention all the dead air), Bill Schmalfeldt declared in a pathetic manifesto that he was going to ignore the Show Cause Order to appear in front of a Judge in a Maryland Court.

The hearing is scheduled at 8:45 am on Wednesday, June 28, in Westminster, Maryland.

Bill Schmalfeldt, 62, living in a roach infested motel, told his two listeners that “after talking with Judge Hecker’s clerk, he would not be attending.”  Schmalfeldt indicated that the clerk answered by saying she would forward his statement to the Judge.

Schmalfeldt is currently being sued by W. J.J. Hoge for defamation and breaking a settlement agreement.  Schmalfeldt ran from Maryland after individuals who he sued in Federal Court were coming close to forcing him to defend his case in 2015.

When asked for comment, Mr. Hoge simply responded, “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”

Judge Hecker is expected to rule tomorrow on Schmalfeldt’s comments and failure to appear.  Local officials say “Hilarity could be at an all time high.   Please take the proper measures and stretch appropriately.”



21 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Defiant Disabled Man Refuses Judge’s Order to Appear

  1. He’s claiming a mental disability this time, right? After all, Parkinson’s never gets better, and he was sure acting spry and mobile the last year…

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  2. No way!

    There is no way in all of heckdom he doesn’t show. He’ll be there. In court. Nobody’s that stupid. Nobody.

    Well. Wait a minute… Ummm… But even so… Nah, he’ll be there. Has to.

    I’m taking bets. I say he shows. In court. My bookie is Cousin Roy so please place your bets with him. Pays you money takes you chance. And I’ll be on the other side of your bet. It was JUST two weekends ago I was eyeballing a Mercedes 300e; they have a VERY GOOD LOOKING red (color) for this years model(s). The pocket change you lickspittles contribute will likely push me over the edge and I’ll buy the damned thing.

    Note that accounts payable will be in either small gold coins or bitcoin. No traceable transactions please. Offer void where prohibited by law. Your mileage may vary; but mine won’t.

    And for our friends in Maryland and Los Angeles, “The chair is against the wall.”

    “We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”

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    • I don’t know that Hoge has to be there, but anyone watching these events over the years knows that Hoge will attend. I believe John thinks he still might show.

      The purpose of this hearing is for Bill to answer why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for violating the court rules. Bill wants a battle of wills. He openly mocks the system. He may be the first Team Kimbergarden member to actually get arrested and sent to jail in civil litigation.

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    • Bill doesn’t understand, possibly by choice, that the judge thinks Shakey misbehaved and that Shakey needs to explain it to the judge. Other than the initial report, John isn’t much of a factor.

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  3. Right. I agree with Boston Bob and W. This is Bill thinking that he’s going to pull a fast one.

    He will go to his grave FURIOUS that Hoge “tricked” him into not showing up for that one hearing. So Bill thinks that if he claims that he is not showing up Hoge may not bother to show or not prepare for the moment that Bill, like the conquering zero, limps into court, a bloodied bandage on his head, playing Yankee Doodle on a flute. Then he boasts about how he “pulled a fast one” and “made people monkee dance”, because “he’s the puppet master.”

    Now, that’s a stupid plan, sure. But not as stupid as not showing. And despite all our fun mocking his foolishness, surely he can;t be as stone stupid as Krendler and others make him out to be. Right? Right?

    Guess we find out tomorrow.

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      • “Patrick Grady hopes US Marshals “come to get me” for missing tomorrow’s Carrol County Circuit Court hearing which hasn’t been held yet.”

        See, this makes me think he shows and then he can complain that mean old Krendler was ready to have him hauled off to jail for something that did not even happen. Which proves things because reasons, I guess.

        Balls in your court, Bill. Sonoran Conservative says you are incredibly stupid. I say dumb, sure, but not THAT dumb. Who you gonna prove right? For myself, I will be a big enough man to say “Sonoran Conservative, you called it right. Boy is this guy stupid to a level that most stupid people can only aspire to, an inspiration to those who cannot help but step on their cranks that there are ever new levels of crank stomping that will cause people around them to stare, slack jawed and give a slow but sincere clap of appreciation.”

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    • Exactly so, Sam-

      I’m betting he shows. I’ve dared Lickspittle Nation to take the other side of the bet. So far, no takers-

      Least’ I haven’t heard from Cousin Roy with respect to same. Yet. Of course, he may have not gotten’ home from the lab yet. Particle physics something or other-

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  4. Bill has done some mighty stupid things in the last few years, but even he is not that stupid to ignore a court order to appear before a judge.

    He’ll be there, probably roll in on a wheelchair, boo-hooing about how unfair this all isisH
    How it was just a simple misunderstanding on his part. Blown out of proportion by HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!11! and he is oh so sorry! ( not that that is the truth but then again Bill has never let the truth stop him from spinning whatever sob story gets him what he wants)

    The judge will probably let him go with a warning because it is Maryland after all… but he’ll be there.

    If he isn’t , he will have truly earned the World’s Stupidest Man label for the rest of his life.

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  5. He’ll show and then write a blog post where he, the Secret King, left all in the courtroom stunned and befuddled. “You should have seen their faces drop when I manfully walked into the room.” or something like that.

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