Talking to one’s self with Parkinson’s

monkeythinksBill is running off at the Twitterz again, talking about things he’s made up in his head.  And now he’s talking to himself using the Billy Boy Unread account.



You can’t make any of this up.

He’s got a surprise?  Oh boy!


5 thoughts on “Talking to one’s self with Parkinson’s

  1. Just so I’m clear…..Not showing for the hearing so the judge has to continue it until the trial is a VICTORY!!!!11!!!! in Bill’s eyes? Can he really be that stupid? Right, it’s Bill who just decided to blow off a contempt hearing, of course he is that stupid.

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    • Of course he is. World’s Stupidest Man! You know, the one who admitted in his podcast that he tapes the hearings he participates in via Skype because he “can’t afford” to get a transcript from the court. It’s $15 for a 45 minute long CD of the audio I am told.

      And somehow I think his “surprise” is nothing of the sort. And certainly nothing to kill oneself over.

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  2. Bill seems to think that Hoge ordered the hearing and that since he no-showed and the judge *still* did nothing to him, that must mean that the judge was upset with Hoge for wasting the court’s time.

    The thought that *if* the court thought this was a waste of time and that nothing was going to come of it anyway, the court would not have ordered the hearing, much less ordered Bietusflesh McMoob to appear at it in person has never visited him.

    I can’t blame the thought responsible for that either, I have been avoiding that head for decades myself.

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