BREAKING NEWS: Judge responds to Disabled Man – “Oh yeah? See you in court, buddy.”

3gaz3ryWestminster, MD (SCN) – Today, at a show cause hearing, Judge Hecker expressed frustration from the bench with the actions of Bill Schmalfeldt, a defiant disabled man, and his failure to appear saying, “.. it raises concerns that directly impact the integrity and dignity of the Court.”

Yesterday, Schmalfeldt responded with a manifesto that he was not going to appear at a Show Cause hearing in a defiant podcast, even though there were a lot of technical failures, similar to Schmalfeldt’s life.

Schmalfeldt took the ridiculous step in defying a legal order of the court claiming destitution and inability to travel for a show cause hearing, despite having weeks to prepare.  Instead, Schmalfeldt wasted the opportunity by trying to make internet podcasts about poop, but often disappointing his three listeners with dead air.

Judge Hecker, not wasting any time, ordered another Show Cause hearing that will take place during the trial scheduled in August.  Legal experts were quick to comment.

“His defiance was not seen as a good thing.  He now risks everything.”

Another expert stated, “The defendant thinks he is protected, but a large judgment will be extremely problematic.”  Schmalfeldt has gone to great lengths to state unequivocally that he is judgment proof.   Schmalfeldt’s legal acumen has been a source of hilarity for many years.

Schmalfeldt has filed eight lawsuits in the past few years, all of them being dismissed for technical reasons, despite his self described legal expertise as “Better than Hoge!”  John Hoge’s case, which Schmalfeldt is a defendant, has made it past all the legal points and is heading to trial.  Both Schmalfeldt and Hoge are pro-se, with Schmalfeldt rated as “Dreaded”.

One observer noted, “He might have avoided jail.  Now, he can’t avoid judgment.  Tick Tock.”


15 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Judge responds to Disabled Man – “Oh yeah? See you in court, buddy.”

  1. Well, I was wrong. You folks who pegged Bill (yikes! Don’t get excited, Bill! It’s an expression!) as too dumb to show up were 100% right.

    I’m flabbergasted. I assumed this was the start of a new Schymicle category– UnpredictaBil! He’s wacky! He’s kooky! You just don;t know WHAT crazy stunt he’ll pull! Tell you left and then swerve right! Say he isn’t coming and then show up! Accuse someone of being a child rapists and then threaten to sue him for libel!

    But no. Instead we are apparently stuck with Rosa Parks(insons), Keyboard Warrior of the Wasted, which promises to be a lot less fun.

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    • Not really. Bill plays this game as if he’s judgment proof. He isn’t. The short term is that Bill is still safe and cozy in his little hotel room, but his prospects for any kind of better life grows dimmer each day and all the manifesto’s he’s proclaiming as a reason to justify his defiance is helping to keep it that way.

      He may or may not have gone to jail whether he showed up or not. Jail would have been hilariously funny, I’ll grant you that, but the goal of this current legal action is not to get him in jail; it’s to get a judgment against him, one that will hurt him financially. He is certainly pushing his limits. Bill would be very stupid to.. well, he is very stupid, he just doesn’t seem to really understand it.

      But Judges don’t see what we see. Their focus is on the narrow issues in front of them. Many of the Horde, rightfully so, wish that justice included three hots and cot in the Iron Bars Motel. However, even if he went to jail, he could still walk out of the trial with no judgment. The end goal is the objective. The sideshows are merely for entertainment.

      I am not shocked that he didn’t go to jail, but when I saw the update, I immediately understood what is at stake. The only issue is, will Bill realize the folly of his actions? I’m guessing, no.

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    • I’m in the same boat. I was absolutely certain that this was a con to “fool” Hoge into not showing up, even though I don’t believe that his presence was even required for this hearing. Just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean that you can’t appear in court.

      I think what a lot of us on these site forget is that the judge is not aware of the depth of the con that BS is trying to pull. I’m reasonably sure that he’s unaware of the attempt to visit the 48 state capitals, or a number of other things we’ve seen.

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      • is that gofund me STILL active??
        AFTER he has stated, on his blog, on his twitter, and to a court clerk that he is UNABLE to physically travel??

        what am I saying? OF course it is.

        lying liars lie, that’s what they do.
        and Shaky is nothing but a ginormous FAT Liar.

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      • TJ – You allude to an interesting situation. If it’s still up and someone, for whatever reason, donated to it, a fed to (former) fed chat would seem to be appropriate.

        And I’m hoping someone can remind me; but, if I recall, wasn’t it already reported to the host site? As well, if I recall, comments denoting similar were deleted / disabled by the requester, which wouldn’t bode well for either party on the receiving end.

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