Jealousy is so unbecoming. (updated)

liam20yawningSchmalfeldt is on the Twitterz again running off about the gathering that took place after the Show Cause hearing that he willfully chose not to attend.

In order to bring himself some small pleasure, unrelated to his never used penis, he is now trying to push the narrative that the gathering was all for naught because he believes the intended outcome was for the visitors to see him locked up in irons and carted off to jail.


People like Bill have to make up stories like this because there aren’t any decent people who would come to support him.  Hell, he can’t even live in a place for very long without pissing off the management and getting thrown out.

Funny how you never see people running over to his blog and talking about how much a wonderful and decent person he is.  Hell, once he’s even tried to get family members of his deceased wife to fight his little war, only to be rebuffed with…


Interestingly, you hardly see any comments on his blog because, quite frankly, he can’t keep an audience.  But, that’s our Bill,  Predictable loser that he is.

Tick tock.


Oh, almost forgot.  The person he is jealous of the most?  Mr. Hoge.

So jealous, he makes up comments on his blog just to get his attention.  You just might feel pity for him if it weren’t for the fact that pity is meant for people who have a heart and have the capacity for good.

Bill, not so much.


11 thoughts on “Jealousy is so unbecoming. (updated)

  1. what?? no ISP locators to PROVE!!!11!! that those comments could only have come from HO(21)GE’S!!! computer??

    Shakey is really slaking off lately.

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  2. And John just launches into a completely and wildly out of character set of comments and Dumbfuck posts his usual totally incomplete forgery.

    Irony impaired Dumbfuck has unknowingly forged two perfectly true comments.

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  3. If Hoooooooooooooooooooooooggeeee! wanted to mock Dumbfuck directly, why oh why would he post comments on Dumbfucks unread waste of a blog? He could easily post them on twitter (on his recognized and acknowledged account) or on Hogewash! and instantly get orders of magnitude (means “lots more” DF) more readers to enjoy the mock.

    Damn you’re lame, and I’m not talkin bout your Fakinsons.

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  4. Bill hates the fact that nobody comments on his blogs and he can’t make people post the stuff he sends them.

    The few times people have, it’s almost as though he is being deliberately dumb just to get a reaction.

    Bill was the kid who would eat worms in elementary school and smile when the other kids called him names. The insults were the closest thing to love and attention he got. And look at him now. Small wonder he looks at Hoge and sees in Mr Hoge’s successful life how different things might have gone for him. Or maybe not, self awareness is not his strongest attribute. But even Bill has to look around at the squalor he is living in and realize that the most normal thing in the room is a hairless cat.


    (I hope, when they inevitably sell the cat to raise money, they at least make sure it’s going to a better home. If it’s any comfort, there is little chance that won’t be the case.)

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