Recommended Reading List #FNPR

070822_reading_hmed_1a-grid-6x2Here are a list of articles that some people might find enjoyable over the next few days.

You know what they say in the Boy Scouts:

“Always Be Prepared.”

The following has been compiled by your friendly Sonoran Conservative.  Please enjoy!

Eight Tips for an Easier Prison Stay

A Beginner’s Guide to Jail – (includes informative video)

A guide to Prison Survival

Survive First Time as a Prison Inmate (Amazon)

How to make Prison Life as Stress Free as a Walk in the Park.



6 thoughts on “Recommended Reading List #FNPR

  1. Just pick a fight with the biggest dude on the cell block. Instant respect, especially for a guy who’s always been the last guy left standing after a bar fight.

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