View from the Mountains – 12 Mar 2015

NewsIconSome items of interest for today…

Some Democrats think Hillary isn’t ready for Primetime

Frustration among the Dems with Hillary not giving her allies anything to work with talking point wise, to help defend her during the email flap.  Many Dems feel this will go away.  I would suggest otherwise.  With Independents now questioning her motives, it will be difficult for her to get the message out since she is really on the defensive.  She’ll at least have some cover with the press friendly to her, but with growing independent blogs and people wanting to get more information, it may not help her.  She probably hopes that Google will get their “accuracy ratings” engine working to help push friendlier content to the top.

Netanyahu may lose the elections next week

If the Zionist Union party wins, look for Israeli policy to move more towards the left.  Something Iran and Hezbollah will, undoubtedly, try and take advantage.  Having an Israel that is willing to negotiate will be seen as an opportunity for the Islamic radicals to gain more of a foothold.  Of course, that might all change if Palestinians get too greedy.

Ferguson Police Chief resigns

With now the City Manager and Police Chief now gone, leadership roles will be on an interim basis.  I would suspect this will be ripe for opportunists to stir up trouble, perhaps even make Ferguson atop the news again in a bad way.

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