View from the Mountains – 11 Mar 2015

NewsIconSome more items of interest in the news..

Hillary’s press conference continues to raise more questions

Obviously scripted, and without a doubt, as controlled as it could be. Several questions were never answered, including the one asked about how she feels about the conflict of foreign donors of nations where women are still persecuted.  Will this affect her run for 2016?  Probably not, but the bigger question is, do the Democrats have anyone else other than Hillary?  Pretty sad if Hillary is their best bet.

The Logan Act:  Legal Professor weighs in

Sounds like he and I see things similarly. Wish I had taken those LSAT’s years ago.  Not saying my life might have been better, but maybe I would be in a better position to get into more eloquent details of the law.

Katie Pavlich reports that ATF efforts to ban Green Tipped Ammunition for AR-15 has been put on hold

ATF opened for comments the regulatory change and got more than enough to realize this might not be a good idea.  Not sure if this is a rebuff of the Administration effort to use Executive Action to implement gun control, but certainly, the ATF recognized that at least for now, this isn’t going to happen.

Students suspended by the University of Oklahoma may have a First Amendment case

As a First Amendment proponent, I see this point and Oklahoma may have opened itself up to litigation.  I look at this in reverse:  Would a racist rap song on a bus with black students suffer the same action?  I certainly condemn SAE members actions and behavior as any sane individual would, but for the University, if these expulsions were solely based on speech, then OU could face legal repercussions.

New EPA regulations to force closure of 85 coal fired plants

By the end of 2015, coal plants not meeting greenhouse gas emissions and creating more demand and higher electricity prices on consumers.  One way or another, the President is going to hurt the middle class even more.

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