On this day, we remember.


In a small town in Iowa, I visited a small cemetery preparing for Memorial Day.


Every year, the townsfolk place flags next to the headstones of those veterans and their family members, remembering their call and sacrifices for our great country.

It serves a reminder our country’s true diversity.  Our military is made of individuals from cities and towns both large and small.

Young men and women who lived in the only place they knew answered the call to travel to foreign lands to fight against evil and tyranny, not just for their own communities but for people in other places they never met.

Their sacrifice is never forgotten. Let us all remember those who came before us and pray for the next generation who may be asked to serve to protect our freedoms and our country.

Military Service is not a right


I was sitting at the large table in Starbucks Thursday afternoon doing some research for a project I’m working on. At one end, a small group of young adults were having a rather lengthy discussion about Trump’s recent tweets regarding transgender individuals serving in the US military.

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Coincidence: Chris Kyle and the Medal of Honor

medalofhonorEvery so often in life, you’re asked about current events and where you stand.  After careful consideration and giving an answer, you discover that you’re not the only one who shares a similar opinion.  Today, I was asked by a friend what I thought about the idea of Chris Kyle being awarded the Medal of Honor.  I had no idea this was even a consideration. Continue reading

Did American Sniper get snubbed? My thoughts..

American SniperThe Oscars are not a popularity contest.  It is a contest that is voted on by the members of the Academy, much like a trade group gives awards at an annual recognition dinner, except, this particular recognition is shown all over the world, and is far more flamboyant and full of the world’s biggest egos.
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My thoughts on American Sniper

American Sniper

Tonight, I went and saw American Sniper with my family.  I usually go to the theater about half an hour early so that I can get in and get a decent seat, and It works pretty well in practice.   Popular movies these days manage to hold better than eighty percent seating capacity for a couple of weeks before dropping off significantly. As I have gotten older, I have acquired the virtue of patience and am willing to wait a couple of weeks so that the crowds are not as large.  I wasn’t quite sure if this would play out for this movie, so now, about three weeks after its release, I felt this was as good a time as any. There were eight showings for the entire day and I chose the second to the last. Continue reading

Unintended Consequence of the Bergdahl Swap

Bergdahl Prisoner SwapYesterday, I made a post on my thoughts regarding Sergeant Bergdahl.  I focused primarily on the issues regarding his service and the investigation of his actions during his deployment, and the findings that are supposedly coming.  The other side of this, the five Gitmo detainees exchanged for his release, has now come to the forefront, and again, not in a good way for the Administration. Continue reading