Military Service is not a right


I was sitting at the large table in Starbucks Thursday afternoon doing some research for a project I’m working on. At one end, a small group of young adults were having a rather lengthy discussion about Trump’s recent tweets regarding transgender individuals serving in the US military.

Three young people, each around 25 years old discussing this obvious pressing social issue. One was a young woman named Bethany and she was a Trump supporter. The other woman, Amanda, was a liberal and Obama supporter. A young man by the name of Mark sat between them.

I looked up at them when this exchange caught my attention:

Amanda: “Anyone who wants to serve their country should be allowed.”

Bethany: “Seriously? Not everyone is cut out to serve.”

Amanda: “They should be given the opportunity regardless of their identity.”

Bethany: “Right, and what right do they have to serve?”

Amanda: “It’s everyone’s right to serve! Anyone should be allowed to serve. It’s a human right.”

Mark: “I’d sign up! Chicks love the uniforms.”

Amanda and Bethany both giggle and roll their eyes. Poor Mark.

Bethany notices me listening in and smiles.  She asks me if I had an opinion since I was paying attention.

I explained it this way:

“Everyone has an obligation to serve their country, but you don’t necessarily have to do so through the military. Unless you have served, most do not realize the military has rather strict standards of acceptance. You can’t just walk in and put on a uniform. There are written tests, background checks, medical tests, and so forth that you have to pass.”

At that point, Mark asked me about my service. I shared briefly my service as an enlisted in the National Guard, and then in the Army as a young signal officer. I also told him that I almost didn’t make it in because I have a heart murmur.

Bethany quickly turned the discussion back to transgenders and whether they should be excluded. This was something I had thought about over the last couple of days because I have friends who are transgender. The controversy seems to have caused the liberals to become energized about the military again when mostly, they could care less.

I don’t claim to know or understand gender dysphoria, which is still considered a mental disorder. Today’s social justice enlightenment has caused liberals to take up their cause to remove the social stigma associated with it, purely for politics.  The left has weaponized transgender “rights” to attack Conservatives on moral grounds.

In my opinion, the left cares the same for transgender people as they do for the military: Their usefulness is only important so long as they achieve their political gain. In other words, Democrats and liberals only care about political power, and little else. All you have to do is look at how they attack those in same classes they represent who don’t agree with their political views.

So to Bethany’s question, I answered in this way:

Being a patriotic American doesn’t automatically qualify you for military service as a right. If someone meets the requirements, whatever they may be, then they should be allowed to serve, if the military has a need. Not everyone will meet the requirements.

Can transgenders perform their jobs every bit as effectively as anyone else? Absolutely. However, that’s not what this is about. It’s about forcing quote-unquote social justice in the military.

It is complicated by the medical research that shows a vast majority of those who have gender dysphoria suffer from other mental ailments such a depression and anxiety, and often commit suicide. This would need to be evaluated as a factor when someone is considering military service.

Military service is stressful in of itself. Combat taxes a soldier’s mental stability, and over long periods of time, can cause long term mental problems as seen by those who served in every war, for both men AND women.

It is my belief that President Obama forced the military into accepting openly transgender individuals for the sole purpose satisfying his political base. The fact that he waited until the last year of his presidency to make this change after pressure from advocacy groups shows this to be true.

Does that mean patriotic transgender Americans should be automatically disqualified from serving simply because they are confused by their gender? Let’s put it this way: There are plenty of Americans who want to serve but can’t. How do you think they handle it?

7 thoughts on “Military Service is not a right

  1. My family has a history of military service. Both grandfathers, my father, and my brother. I was on track to enter the service as an officer through the ROTC program at my college. However, the end of one semester, I blew my knee out. I ended up having surgery on that knee a couple years later. Because of this, and my asthma, I was rejected for service. This was back right after Billy Jeff was elected the first time. I was devastated. This wasn’t just some lark where I could blow it off with a “Well, I didn’t really wanna do that anyway.” type comment. This was what I’d literally been working my whole life towards.

    I still managed to enter serve my country. I went to work for a Army contractor that provided software tools for the troops. By making sure they had the best tools we could give them, I felt that I was doing my part, even if it wasn’t the way I always thought I would.

    So, yeah. There are a lot of folks that would have loved to serve and couldn’t. The ultimate example? Steve Rogers (even if he is fictional).

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  2. In the Marine Corps we had a saying “every Marine a Rifleman” and that means the mess cook, secretaries and other support jobs in the military. Every person must be able to pick up a rifle and be combat ready. Many people like to split the baby and say they can serve in support but in my view even in support every soldier must be combat ready.

    As you mention combat zones are taxing mentally even for support in the rear. The mess cook wonders will artillery land on me. Take the transgender probably getting teased + rear support service in a hot zone = PTSD V.A. diagnosis. Does anyone really think the V.A. wouldn’t be politically correct and turn a transgender service member’s already existing mental problems into a 100% disability check.

    We will be paying for their expensive surgeries and after care and cutting them a disability check the rest of their lives. This is where this social experiment leads. I’m 100% against transgenders serving in the military.

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  3. The military’s purpose is to blow stuff up and break things.

    How does incorporating a small segment of the population into military service (less than .2 percent in some studies I have seen) and that will most likely have a negative morale impact improve the military’s ability to blow stuff up and break things?

    This is a means to an end for liberals. To get the military to have to front the cost of gender reassignment surgery and mental health costs and to use as a club against anyone who might have moral issues with the transgender lifestyle.

    I am a live and let live type…. but I have a REAL problem with people using the machinery of the state to try and ram SJW bullshit down my throat.

    And keep your social experimentation away from the military. If it doesn’t help the military’s ability to blow stuff up and break shit… it has no place there.

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  4. I had a friend give me this situation. They were not allowed to enlist in the Army because they are pre-diabetic. Not diabetic, just had the possibility of becoming diabetic. The possibility that they would require daily medication was a no-go because when you are in a hot zone, there are shortages of medical supplies – their medication included. The Army could not take on the risk of someone who might possibly have to take daily medication because of all the what-ifs involved. Years later, and they still have not developed diabetes, yet remain pre-diabetic.

    Now apply this to a transgender who must take hormone replacement therapy daily. And most likely some form of anti-depressant. Taking a bean-counter mindset, should that person be allowed to enlist? I don’t think so. It’s not discrimination against them. It’s common sense. The military wants cookie cutter people. pre-diabetics and transgender people are not cookie cutter. Both will be eliminated. Fairly.

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    • More than cookie cutter people, the military wants people it can break down into their component parts and rebuild into Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines. It does not need the kinks, quirks, psychiatric issues, co-morbidities and medical necessities that come with gender dysphoria.

      The military doesn’t take fat people or stupid people or morally troubled people or color blind people or flatfooted people or people with bad eyesight. Why on God’s Earth should it take people that can’t figure out what the hell they are?

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