On this day, we remember.


In a small town in Iowa, I visited a small cemetery preparing for Memorial Day.


Every year, the townsfolk place flags next to the headstones of those veterans and their family members, remembering their call and sacrifices for our great country.

It serves a reminder our country’s true diversity.  Our military is made of individuals from cities and towns both large and small.

Young men and women who lived in the only place they knew answered the call to travel to foreign lands to fight against evil and tyranny, not just for their own communities but for people in other places they never met.

Their sacrifice is never forgotten. Let us all remember those who came before us and pray for the next generation who may be asked to serve to protect our freedoms and our country.

3 thoughts on “On this day, we remember.

  1. I was honored to be part of a ramp ceremony at Kandahar Air Force Base for two fallen heroes.

    May their memories be a blessing to all… along with all others who have paid the ultimate price for our great country.

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