So about Trump’s call to the Widow.


The Daily Mail has an article about the phone call President Trump made to the widow of a fallen soldier (h/t Dave Alexander).  Congresswoman Frederica Wilson made the claim that Trump was disrespectful and the media started running with it.

The family reportedly is lining up behind Wilson’s account.

The Congresswoman and family were in a limo during the call.

Trump says that Rep. Wilson’s account is completely untrue

White House Press Secretary Huckabee-Sanders says those in the room with Trump during the call support Trump’s version.

Rep. Wilson has been on record that she hates Trump and wants him impeached. Most Democrats offer only public support for troops when there is a crisis, but care little about the military.

President Trump has been an advocate for military, veterans and their families. He enjoys very significant support among those groups.

Trump is not known to choose eloquent words before he speaks, but according to others, he can be quite empathic and respects others and the moment.

So, what is the truth here?  Is it possible he said some things that might be misconstrued? Maybe.  He certainly is capable, especially in public.

But Democrats also know that Trump is easily riled and will respond recklessly against allegations that would put him in a bad light. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some shenanigans going on here to drive a wedge between Trump and the military.

The sad reality is that the most honorable sacrifice made by a soldier became highly politicized that was brought about by a Congresswoman looking for cheap points.  From my perspective, we’re missing a lot of the conversation to know the truth. That’s not to say that the liberal representative isn’t stretching the truth.

Almost reminds me of Cindy Sheehan, the mother who confronted George W. Bush, and was thrust in the limelight by Democrats until she started calling them out for supporting war resolutions. She was cast aside just as quick.

At any rate, the liberals who support women (as long as you agree with the liberal agenda) are all over the “alleged” comment.


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