Sunday Blessings


It’s been a great week for personal blessings.

I was able to spend time this weekend with all of my children either by phone or personally.  I am a very proud Papa to kids who have put up with my overbearing fatherly advice and yet still try half a smile at my Dad jokes in public.

Being a father during a divorce is not easy.  You have to learn to bite your tongue and accept certain outcomes.  Decision making between two people who were once in love but now struggle to find common ground is a difficult chore.

Children struggle with trying to be favorable to both sides.  It’s natural for them to play one against the other even when you are married.  More often than not, I’ve had to compromise the short term for the longer game.  The old  adage of “pick your battles” has become an art form to me.

In the end, the results are in the product.  They’ve turned out to be pretty good kids and continue to amaze me and their mother of their strength and ambition. I can’t say I’ve been a perfect father, but at least I know I have done enough to create good citizens.  Here’s to a bright future of smart kids!

Wishing all you Father’s a great day and to everyone a wonderful week ahead!

Sunday Blessings


I have safely returned to Arizona after spending the week in the Midwest with family and friends.

Despite having to work a couple of days while I was there, we had a good time despite temperatures that rivaled the desert.  I felt fine; others not so much.

I’m off tomorrow as I complete my recovery from the two day trek back home. During the trip, I managed to stop in a few small towns and had some wonderful conversations with the locals.

Met a man from Mississippi and his family as they were on a return trip from Montana. Despite the differences in dialect, we all share the same values of love, family, self-reliance, and being good people.

Things should ramp back up now that I’ve returned home.  May you all have a most wonderful week!


Sunday Blessings


This weekend we honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  Without their courage and bravery, we would not be able to enjoy the richness our way of life creates.

I am spending my weekend with family and friends in the upper Midwest. Looking forward to some walleye fishing and showcasing some new barbecue techniques.  No vegan recipes allowed.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and week ahead.