Sunday Blessings


We all have faults and we all have gifts.  My children often remind me of my many faults.

One fault in particular is my love for my alma mater and its football team.  The kids know that on Saturday afternoons during the college football season, and my team is playing on TV,  I can get rather animated.  My oldest loves to record those moments and share it with her friends.

My other fault is that I will put things off without realizing how important they are to others, even when I promise to do them.

A couple of years ago, my youngest bought me a beautiful Powercat plate to put on the front of my car for Father’s Day. I didn’t have a front license plate bracket to mount it with so I said I would order one.  Except I didn’t.  Occasionally she would see it on the shelf next to my desk lamenting it was “born to ride” and wondered if I would ever put it in it’s rightful place in the front of the car.

I recently bought a new car and while the kids expressed happiness at the new ride, the youngest mentioned rather pointedly, “It sure would be nice to put that Powercat plate I bought you on it.”

Here you go, sweetheart.


Wishing you a most wonderful week of blessings!

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