Not really.

Haha no

Some pundits are saying Democrats are embarrassed by their loss in the Senate.  They aren’t.

I am not sure why some believed that Senators were going to be able to call witnesses that the House managers never subpoenaed in their impeachment inquiry. Republicans have been saying all along that the House managers case is poor . Indeed, most respectable and independent legal scholars have clearly laid out the factual and constitutional grounds on how the House’s case was doomed – Nancy Pelosi’s antics not withstanding.

Several people have said this was an embarrassment to the Democrats because they’ve lost yet again. Unfortunately, they can’t be embarrassed because they lack one trait: Self-Awareness.

Each time they believe Trump’s end is near, they manage to figure out a way screw it up.  And because of their ever-consuming obsession, it removes their ability to go back and  analyze why they fail.  Those who succeed always look to the mistakes they’ve made and learn from it.  Democrats can’t because they have convinced themselves they don’t have the time as seen in their wholly rush to impeachment.  Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to consume every last synaptic connection in their brains.

Some have said this was the Democrats last hope to remove Trump before the election. I would almost bet Pelosi and company will try impeachment one more time before November. You know what they say about those who do the same things over and over expecting different results?

I just say, “I love popcorn.”

1 thought on “Not really.

  1. I don’t think Nancy will let them do it again. She did it this time against her better instincts. She may be a left wing whack job, but she knows a political cost when she sees one. Dems have already cut the ads Trump will use against them, literally. She, Nadler, Schiff and Schumenr are all on camera saying that an impeachment like this is bad for the country and they just did it anyway. Trump is going to beat them to death with that.

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