Citizens fighting for their rights


Mayor of Louisville is enjoined from prohibiting religious services due to the pandemic.

All this started earlier when the Mayor banned religious services:

The On Fire Christian church was looking to create a drive in service this weekend where members would stay within their vehicles.  This would allow folks to gather without having to come in contact with each other nor place others in danger.  Even in the bible, Jesus ministered to highly contagious people.  Religious leaders understand these inherent dangers that come with the job – which is to nourish the souls of their flocks, especially in these trying times.

The rhetoric and orders from the Mayor banned any kind of gathering even practicing extreme social distancing.  The Governor of Kentucky himself threatened to record the license plates of those who participated in such services.

Most people are completely reasonable in adapting to the perils in front of them. But even in a serious health crisis, powers of the state and local officials are still limited when it comes to citizen’s rights.  The Constitution doesn’t make exceptions for the Bill of Rights without explicit circumstances.

While the media has been highly (and unfairly, if not egregiously) critical of the President not implementing a national stay at home order, he is also limited on what individual liberties he can take away.  Watching the media go silent as individual rights are trampled – the same bill of rights which protect the press – is a travesty in of itself, if not horribly ironic.

Good on the folks who are fighting for their rights to have their souls nourished without government restrictions.  Perhaps more citizens will start to recognize that liberal mayors and governors do not have folks best interests in mind.

4 thoughts on “Citizens fighting for their rights

  1. I fear that certain politicians and police this this pandemic as more of a chance to finally wield the power they have always craved rather than a situation were we all need to work together to get life back to normal. If they their way, the emergency powers granted to them would be the new normal.

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    • Climate Change is their way in. They can declare a national emergency and begin the process of using that power to shut down the oil and gas industries as a “planet emergency”. People think AOC is an idiot, and she is, but you can bet if she continues to gain power, either through an executive branch appointment or winning the presidency, this will come to pass.

      She needs to be stopped and the only way to do that is to get more people educated about her desire to destroy this country for socialism.

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        • Not to the people who want to control us – both are a “good” crisis that they can’t let go to waste. They are already playing games with this pandemic: here in MA, they keep talking about the “surge” of sick people. Two weeks ago, it was expected to be the 10 days from 4/10 through 4/20. Now that we’re 4 days into it, and the numbers aren’t appearing, they keeping talking about a 10 day surge, but aren’t putting dates on it anymore. They have people huddling in their homes in fear, just where they want them.

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