And just like that..

Trump was acquitted.

The battle for witnesses was too much to handle for Senate Democrats and so they chose to resume the original agreement to complete the sham and unconstitutional impeachment clown show.

The use of the word “Constitution”, including the words used to construct the legal framework of our country, is often tortured to adhere to various liberal points of view. The language is pretty clear on exactly how an impeachment is to be conducted for the President and what outcomes a conviction means.

For some reason, the House of Representatives chose to deliver the articles to the Senate after Trump’s term had ended. Weirdly, Senator McConnell chose to not consider whether it was constitutional until the end of the presentations were made. In an apparent email to colleagues, he determined that the Senate had no jurisdiction and therefore, unconstitutional. He gave no explanation as to why his conclusion took this long, or even required the Senate to be in session for a week to figure it out.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who has a clear and unambiguous duty to oversee the impeachment of a President as spelled out in the Constitution, declined. Can he do that? Sure. Why? Because like all legal decisions where the Supreme Court rules, they often look for ways to end controversies on the most trivial technicality.

The framers made it clear that impeachment of the President was limited only to removal of office and prohibition of holding future public office. Since Trump was no longer in office, Roberts opined on the constitutionality of the trial by not attending. It seems all those “constitutional” lawyers elected to represent their constituents couldn’t see the obvious meaning behind Roberts’ decision.

Instead, the voters were subjected to House Clown Show starring “Guy who sleeps with Chinese spies” where the ending was well known before it even began. During the contentious Georgia senate races, the country was promised immediate help for the economic impact of Covid if the Democrats won control. Instead we’ve had to endure yet another week of their insipid Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Constituents are losing their jobs and livelihoods everyday thanks to Biden’s executive actions that extend the draconian measures of Democrat governors. Gas prices are rising, up almost 40 cents a gallon in less than a month where I live. Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate as Biden supports the teacher’s unions unscientific resistance to opening schools. And Biden’s administration is opening up the border to allows tens of thousands of immigrants awaiting their asylum cases in Mexico to come into the US until their final disposition while we are still fighting the pandemic.

For the moment, though, Trump is acquitted once again. Seven GOP senators joined the ranks of Democrats in the final tally, although still ten short of the magic number. It remains to be seen how future elections will go for the six who aren’t retiring.

In about six months, I expect that many who voted for Biden will be very upset that their lives took a turn for the worse. I predict that when it happens, the media will be beside itself trying to defend an administration that has no idea how to help people. Will voters finally wake up to realize all those mean tweets were meant to demonstrate just how terrible our country is being governed by the establishment elites?

In other words, we won’t see any mean tweets, but I bet the rhetoric will get worse, and so will the lives of many Americans.

And I’m also looking forward to the “Woke Pillow”.

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