Billy Goes to Greensboro, NC!

giphy1Limber up, folks!  Schmalfeldt is about to embark on Stalker’s Quest to defend himself against the No Contact Order for Stalking petition filed by Sarah Palmer.

In today’s episode, Billy discovers the petition on Hogewash! and is so excited, he’s made travel plans before actually making the.. travel plans.



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Jealousy is so unbecoming. (updated)

liam20yawningSchmalfeldt is on the Twitterz again running off about the gathering that took place after the Show Cause hearing that he willfully chose not to attend.

In order to bring himself some small pleasure, unrelated to his never used penis, he is now trying to push the narrative that the gathering was all for naught because he believes the intended outcome was for the visitors to see him locked up in irons and carted off to jail.

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