So about that march today.


Sometimes, you kinda wonder about the seriousness of a movement when the people attending seem to be confused.

The March for Our Lives, which is suppose to be about looking for “common sense” gun reform is more of a showcase on how to be, well, stupid.

There was a time when parents would be embarrassed by a kid holding this sign and would dispense with some immediate discipline and corrective action.




Apparently, if you die and are not a support of “sensible gun control” well, shame on you. Or something.

True, but the sad part is, our government just funded another half billion to kill more babies.

And of course, symbolism is important in any movement..

Of course, the real reason for this march:

A young disturbed kid took his gun into an affluent white high school, shot and killed a number of kids and adults.

The shooter was on the radar of various levels of government agencies that did nothing, including a resource officer from the local Sheriff’s office on the day of the shooting, the same agency who visited the kid multiple times.  And at various points, any one of those agencies could have done something to ensure he could not pass a background check and perhaps kept him from doing any harm.

But, the NRA, responsible gun owners and advocates of the Second Amendment, any of whom would have confronted the shooter with their own weapons, are somehow responsible for the failures of government.

It wouldn’t have been as fun to watch if so many leftists would act like adults and explain to these kids how much their credibility is being tarnished for making slanderous and invective statements that are based on false narratives and liberal talking points.

And the really sad part is that when this movement fizzles, like they always do, the left will not be there to pick up the pieces from these broken kids.


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