9 thoughts on “Private Thoughts from Schmalfeldt

  1. So what will Bill do Friday?

    As I see it he has a couple of options, all with specific win/lose probabilities and potential advantages/disadvantages:

    A. He goes to contest the RO, as he said he would. Advantage– he might win and then he can bray about how he beat his opponents face to face. Disadvantage- he loses and is humiliated face to face. Also, this will kill him with the judge in the contempt hearing, since it totally undercuts the “I can’t travel, you’re killllllllling me!” defense.

    B. He avoids the court. Advantage– he continues the “I can;t travel, you’re killllllling me!” theme, he brays about how he fooled everyone into thinking he would be there which hurts them because reasons. Disadvantage– he loses and gains yet another RO, against a person he is suing which probably does not help an already weak case. He looks like the world’s biggest pussy after all his chest thumping but since there is little way he can make himself look worse in the eyes of most, this is no big deal.

    C. He manages to get the court to allow him to appear via skype. Probably the option that would work best for him, if he can pull it off. Win or lose he keeps his “I can’t travel, you’re killllllllling me!” plan alive. If he wins, endless crowing, if he loses he blames the fact that he was not able to be there to confront the lies, LIES!!! in person.

    What will he do? It’s been proven that just because a choice is foolish it does not mean he won;t take it so who knows. Option B seems the dumbest one.

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