Liberals in November 2017

We’re not even two days into November..

A  few notes:

More allegations of sexual improprieties against movie directors, left leaning news organizations and the leftist political powers continues to grow. One wonders why it took the revelations of Harvey Weinstein to start this cascade of charges.

Those who are making public statements include phrases like, “open secret”, “everyone knew”, and “I saw it with my own eyes” and yet, no one said a word. Those revealing themselves as victims are touted as “heroes” for … you know, waiting for someone else to say something to see if it’s safe.

If you want to know why it’s never safe as a liberal to make such allegations without the cover of clout, look no further than the Clinton’s. Bill denied everything and it took impeachment proceedings for it to come out.  His victims were summarily punished by Hillary. Cross the power brokers and your life is no longer yours.

You don’t think that sends a strong message to the sexual predators of the left who wield incredible power?  The Clinton’s, even with all their public and well known flaws that go against the progressive agenda, are worshipped by the Hollywood elite class. Looks like a template for acceptable behavior to me.

Donna Brazile’s startling revelations in her new book seems to have those on the left, including Brazile herself, lining up behind the false message “But the end result would have been the same.”

And yet, the left wants you to believe that unproven, or fantasy, collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians have ruined our Republic by preventing Hillary from receiving more votes… um.. yeah.

James Clapper has been all over the news lately telling anyone who will listen that Russian goals have far exceeded their expectations because, “they sowed discontent across the country.”   Perhaps, but to the extent at which this has been shown with empirical evidence, not so much.

Doesn’t explain why Hillary won the popular vote and lost the election.  Apparently, Russians don’t advertise in liberal communities. Obviously, the ads were targeted into the Red and soft blue states where all those agitated protests took place – or as the left likes to call them, “Trump campaign events.” Facebook and Twitter declined to comment.

This, of course, leads back to the Manafort/Gates indictments and the arrest of Papadopoulos.  The indictments are irrelevant to the original Russian collusion scope since those acts took place before either were on the campaign.  “BUT PAPADOPOULOS!!!!!” they shout.

Turns out, the FBI says he just lied to them about events that were documented in emails, and he wasn’t being charged for actually, you know, doing what he lied about. Weird.

Finally, Robert Mercer made this statement in his letter about Steve Bannon:

The press has also intimated that my politics marches in lockstep with Steve Bannon’s. I have great respect for Mr. Bannon, and from time to time I do discuss politics with him. However, I make my own decisions with respect to whom I support politically. Those decisions do not always align with Mr. Bannon’s.

The left seems to think this was a slap to Bannon’s face.  This is the problem with leftist thinking: If anyone in the opposition has a different viewpoint, anarchy is about to break out. Unlike the left, the Conservatives have many different viewpoints and cherish that diversity. It’s not race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or other physical characteristics.  That’s the real diversity. You’ll notice how the left has that upside down.

In other words, November 2017 is not looking good either for being a liberal.


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